NARAM-64 Trophy/Event Sponsorship

As of July 31, 2023

1/4A Parachute Duration:
1/2A Flex-wing Boost Glider Duration: George Gassaway’s NAR Family
A Streamer Duration: Discount Rocketry
A Boost Glider Duration:
A Altitude:
A Payload Altitude:
B Eggloft Duration: Aerospace Speciality Products
Precision Fragile Payload: Balsa Machining Service
Classic Model: IMPLS Launch Systems

National Champions: Estes Industries LLC
Reserve National Champions:
Meet Champions:
The Creator’s Laboratories
Reserve Meet Champions: 

Raffle, Door Prizes, and Donations

  • AeroTech
  • Altaira Rocketry
  • Balsa Machining Service
  • Discount Rocketry
  • Madcow Rocketry
  • Richardson Tech, Inc.
  • Stickershock23
  • Terry White
  • The Creator’s Laboratories