B. Abbreviations


CD       Contest Director                      

FAI       Federation Aeronautique International

LCO      Launch Control Officer

LD        Launch Director

SCO     Safety Check Officer

NAR     National Association of Rocketry

NARAM National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet

NFPA    National Fire Protection Agency

RSO     Range Safety Officer




ALT       Altitude                                            PRA      Predicted Altitude

BG        Boost Glider Duration                              PRD     Predicted Duration

CA        Cluster Altitude                                 PSL            Parachute Spot Landing

CM       Classic Model                                   RDA     Random Altitude

CSC     Concept Sport Scale                         RDD     Random Duration

DEA      Dual Egg Lofting Altitude                         RG       Rocket Glider Duration

DED     Dual Egg Lofting Duration                        SC        Scale

DFP      Dual Fragile Precision Payload                 SCA      Scale Altitude

ELA            Egg Lofting Altitude                           SD        Streamer Duration

ELD            Egg Lofting Duration                               SPP      Standard Precision Payload

FPP            Fragile Precision Payload                   SPSC    Sport Scale

FW       Flex Wing Boost Glider Duration         SRA      Superroc Altitude

HD       Helicopter Duration                           SRD     Superroc Duration

OSL      Open Spot Landing                            SSL            Streamer Spot Landing

PAY      Payload                                           STA            Set Altitude

PD        Parachute Duration                           STD      Set Duration

PMC     Plastic Model Conversion                                                                                                                                                                               



CAT            Catastrophic Failure (CATO)

DNF           Did Not Fly

DQ             Disqualified

EGG           Egg Broken

EJ              Ejected Motor

FP              Flight Points

IMP             Impound

LUB*           Loop Under Boost

LST             Lost by Timers

MAX            Maximum Time

NR             No Return

ND             No Data (when altimeter data is not available)

NC             Track Not Closed

NG             No Glide

NDP           No Deployment

NVB*          Non-Vertical Boost

PS*             Pod Separation (from glider while under power)

ROT            No Rotation

SEP            Separation

SHR*          Shred

SF              Structural Failure

TL               Track Lost

UNS*          Unsafe

UST*           Unstable


* Indicates that this is considered a disqualification for safety reasons