Scale Altitude

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53.1 Scope
Scale Altitude comprises six events open to any model rocket that is a true scale model of an existing or historical guided missile, rocket vehicle, or space vehicle, that has flown under rocket power. The purpose of this competition is to produce an accurate, flying replica of a real rocket powered vehicle that is judged for craftsmanship in construction, finish, flight performance, and achieving the greatest possible altitude.
53.2 Judging
An entry must comply with the rules of Scale per Rule 52 – Scale.
53.3 Scoring
Scale Altitude must be scored as follows: the entry’s static points must be combined with its flight points and added to the entry’s altitude in meters. The competitor achieving the highest score must be declared the winner.
53.3.1 Flight
An entry that does not make a safe, stable flight must be disqualified. Scale altitude entries missing any items will receive an altitude score of 0 (zero).
53.4 Classes
This event is divided into classes based on the maximum permissible total impulse of the motor(s). The following classes of Scale Altitude are established:

Motor Class