Precision Payload

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61.1 Scope
Precision Payload comprises three events open to single-stage model rockets that totally enclose the specified payload(s) for each class. The purpose of this competition is to accurately predict both the altitude and duration that a model will attain while carrying a payload of given mass and dimensions and recovering the payload without damage.
61.2 Payload Types
Precision Payload specifies two payload types:

61.3 Entry Requirements
The entry shall not separate into multiple parts per Rule 30.5 – Separation. No controlling device may be used to regulate flight altitude or duration. A competitor may submit only one entry. In case of catastrophic failure, the competitor may enter a replacement entry per Rule 11.5 – Catastrophic Failure.
61.4 Classes
61.4.1 Precision Standard Payload
The entry must carry one totally enclosed standard NAR Payload to a target altitude of 150 meters and target duration of 40 seconds.
61.4.2 Precision Fragile Payload
The entry must carry one totally enclosed raw egg to a target altitude of 300 meters and target duration of 60 seconds.
61.4.3 Precision Dual Fragile Payload
The entry must carry two totally enclosed raw eggs to a target altitude of 500 meters and target duration of 90 seconds.
61.5 Scoring
Unless otherwise noted, altitude data per Rule 20 – Altitude Data, and timing data per Rule 30 – Timing Data apply. The score for each qualified flight must be 1,000 points minus the altitude and duration errors. The altitude error is the absolute difference between the recorded altitude and the target altitude in meters. The duration error is three times the absolute difference between the recorded duration and the target duration in seconds. The formula for computing a flight score is:

S = 1000 – ABS(TA – A) – 3 * ABS(TD – D)

S is the score for the flight
A is the flight altitude in meters
TA is the target altitude in meters
D is the flight duration in seconds
TD is the target duration in seconds
ABS() is the absolute value function

The score for the event must be the sum of the scores for up to two official flights. The highest event score is the winner.

61.6 Return
The entry must be returned after each flight to verify that the payload(s) were retained within the entry.
61.7 Disqualification
A contest official must inspect the payload(s) after each flight. If the official cannot examine the payload(s), the flight is disqualified. If the competitor removes the payload(s) in the absence of an official, the flight is disqualified. The official may require that the standard NAR payload(s) be rechecked and must disqualify the flight if it no longer complies with Rule 22.3 – Eggs. If the fragile payload(s) are broken or cracked, the flight is disqualified. Any entry that is caught or cushioned prior to landing must be disqualified.