Cluster Altitude

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26.1 Scope
Cluster Altitude is comprised of six events open to single-stage model rockets. The purpose of this competition is to achieve the highest altitude.
26.2 Returns
Following an official flight, the part of a Cluster Altitude entry that contains the motors shall be returned as recovered to verify that all motor cases have been retained. An ejected motor case shall result in a disqualification.
26.3 Ignition
Air starts are prohibited.
26.4 Partial Ignition
Partial cluster ignition must be deemed an official flight unless disqualified for other safety reasons by the RSO.
26.5 Classes
The following six classes of Cluster Altitude are established:

Class Name
1/8A x 2 Motor
1/4A x 2 Motor
1/2A x 3 Motor
A x 4 Motor
B x 5 Motor
C x 6 Motor