Friday February 26:

Open 9-5 – National Museum of thee United States Air Force

6:00pm – Reception at Holiday Inn Fairborn Hotel  

7:00pm  – Dinner & Speaker at Hotel   Cash Bar all night.

Saturday February 27:

Open 9-5 – National Museum of thee United States Air Force

400pm-1130pm  – Wright & Patterson Room:

                   Vendors & Hobby Manufactures Room Open

Author’s Discussion Panels:


 – Amphitheater: (75 seats)

                                             “700 Year of Rocketry” – Peter Alway

 –Earhart Room: (25 seats)

                                          “Laminated Balsa Construction of  Fins for Mid and

                                          High Power Rockets”  Randy Gilbert

Lindburgh Room: (75 seats)

                                          “German V-2 Missiles and the Early Soviet Space

                                          Program”  -Rob Young


Amphitheater: (75 seats)

The Early Days of Model Rocketry and the NAR: 

                                           Unexpected  Highlights from NASM Stine Archives”

                                          -James Duffy

Earhart Room: (25 seats)

                                           NAR Contest Rocketry for Newbies – Brian Guzek

Lindbergh Room: (75 seats)

                                            V2 the unseen photo archive of Karl Biales – Bernie Biales


Amphitheater: (75 seats)

” A History of the Early Days of High Power Rocketry”

                                                –Chris Pearson

Earhart Room: (25 seats)

                                             “Researching For Scale Modeling and Use

                                              Thereof” Matt Johnson

Lindbergh Room: (75 seats)

Amateur Liquid Propulsion Rocketry and Amateur-to- Orbit Initiatives”

                                             -Rick Wills



Amphitheater: (75 seats)

                                               “FAI and International Model Rocketry 

                                                Competition”  -Matt Steele

Discovery Room: (25 seats)

Creating Rocket Graphics with Decals and Vinyl

                                               Mediums”  -Randy Gilbert  

Lindbergh Room: (75 seats)

                                            “Dragons, Starliners and Chasing Dreams:

                                             The Changing Scene at Cape Canaveral Spaceport”

                                               – Pat McCarthy      


Amphitheater: (75 seats)

                                               Thunda Down Under  -Tom Ha

Earhart Room: (25 seats)

The rocketry show, Communicating with Social Media

                                               -Cornelius Gould  

Lindbergh Room: (75 seats)


Vendor Presentations

Sunday February 28:

9am – Town Hall Meeting:

Open 9-5 – National Museum of thee United States Air Force

Open House  10-7pm –  at eRockets: 2790 Thunderhawk Ct         (With Guest Vendors)

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