The following speakers and presentations were part of NARCON 2020. Video, presentation files, and .pdf documents are available by clicking on the subject title.
Updated May 28, 2020.
Speaker Tentative Subject Title
Trip Barber Safety in High Power Rocketry
Joe Barnard 2020
Mark Bundick Satellite Dreams: Doing Group HPR Projects by the Fox Valley Rocketeers
Gary Dahlke
Tom Fagan FCC Part 15: What you need to know
Tom Fagan Simple solutions to fix interference problems
Amy Heidrick Model Rocketry Collections at The Museum of Flight: Creating Access
to the G. Harry Stine and Lee and Betty Piester Collections
Dr. Roy F. Houchin II  Dyna-Soar’s Military Mission Legacy to the X-37B
Art and Tom Just The Art of rolling your own carbon fiber tubes
Will Marchant Air launching NASA’s ICON space weather mission
Will Marchant Getting started with amateur radio in hobby rocketry (Youtube presentation) (PDF file)
Gary Rosenfield How NOT to Blow Up Your Reloadable Rocket Motor
Dave Padgett Life Amongst Titans—A Day in the Life of a Missilier
Michelle Rouch
Matt Steele/Mike Nowak/
Chris Flanigan/James Duffy
Secrets of World Class Scale Modeling
Tim Van Milligan Using RockSim – Insider Information on Designing Better Rockets
Terrill Willard Hot Air: thermals, lift, and when to fly

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