Why the NAR is Doing This Campaign

  • Keystone portion of the National Collection is the Stine Collection at MOF with the committed collections of Vern Estes and Lee Piester forming the remaining primary components
  • Progress has been made to process the massive Stine Collection however a recent work analysis done by MOF Assistant Director for Collections Amy Heidrick has revealed at current MOF staffing it will take 10 years to complete Stine Collection processing
  • Existing MOF archival staff do not have the task time available to accelerate this timeline
  • The NAR and MOF do not feel it is appropriate to accept this decade long time delay and wish to make this incredible asset available to rocketry and space enthusiasts in a timely manner
  • Processing of the Estes and Piester collections could also be delayed by MOF staff levels
  • MOF work assessment states a full time museum professional will require 2 years to complete Stine work
  • At the end of 2 years Stine Collection will be processed in compliance with Smithsonian Institution standards with an online finding aid to allow an overview of collection content and ability to respond to reproduction requests
  • Completion of processing is the necessary first step toward full digitization and online accessibility (a separate project)
  • Stine Collection processing is needed to be able to support exhibit projects and creation of an online museum
  • Per MOF estimates the project budget is 100K and 2 years for Stine Processing
  • MOF have given verbal commitment to raise 50K from their donor base which NAR must match
  • NAR Board have transferred 25K to the Historical Fund for the project
  • NAR members and supporters must raise at least a total of 25K to initiate project by July 2018
  • Our vendor partner is Stretch and Staple