Online Registration

NARCON-2019 registration is closed.

To use the online registration website

  1. Click the “Register for NARCON-2019” button at the right and you will be taken into the registration site.  (
  2.  The “Home” and “Shop” tabs go to the same place and display all the conference’s registration items.
  3.  Do not try to log in to your account (the “My Account” tab).
  4.  Pick and complete the items you want. They can be viewed in the “Cart” tab.
  5.  When done, click the “Checkout” and follow the instructions. This site is using the NAR’s PayPal account to process credit and debit cards. A fee will not be charged to either the NAR or the registrant.

Advance registration will be available until Friday, February 22, 2019. This event will be popular, do not count on being able to do a walk-up registration, we may be full by then.

Important Note – 16 January 2019: If you are wondering if there are any potential effects of the U.S. Government shutdown on NARCON 2019 activities, there really aren’t any.

The Friday evening Welcome Reception at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is still on. While some of their specialty tours are suspended during the shutdown, that won’t impact our reception.

Our planned Sunday Cape Canaveral AFS bus tour also is still on because it is Department of Defense (DoD) controlled and they are fully funded under a different spending bill. As usual, the only thing that could affect a tour are any launch operations and, as of now, that’s not an issue either.

Finally, our astronaut guest appearances at the Saturday evening Banquet so far are unaffected. Most of the astronauts we are working with are retired from NASA or employed elsewhere. If NASA-KSC Director and former astronaut Bob Cabana can’t be our emcee we’ll have someone else run the show. And since this is not an official NASA function he might be able to attend anyway.