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The NAR’s annual technical conference returns in 2019 to Florida’s Space Coast, epic home of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where 50 years ago next summer the first lunar landing mission was launched into history. The golden anniversary of that milestone will echo throughout NARCON 2019 as we explore today’s newest developments in all levels of rocketry, while seeking inspiration from the first-hand experiences of those who worked on Project Apollo.

NARCON 2019 will begin with an opening reception at the KSC Visitor Complex, feature multiple technical tracks of informative presentations, and wrap up with an opportunity to tour Cape Canaveral and see all that is old and new again. We might even be able to throw in an astronaut appearance or two. Plus, how does walking barefoot on a sunny beach with temperatures in the low 70s sound even as the winter chill lingers in the North?

If you attended NARCON 2014 at the Cape, you know you will be in good hands as the same team led by Pat McCarthy and Jim Banke, along with able volunteers from several Florida NAR Sections, is back to guarantee you another memorable, first-class experience. So mark your calendars for March 1-3, 2019, and plan to join us at our host hotel near Port Canaveral.

If you want to get a feel for NARCON and what you will see while visiting Kennedy Space Center, check out the NARCON-2019 video.

Host hotel availability is limited! Adult registration includes access to the Friday night reception, all technical sessions on Saturday, deli buffet lunch on Saturday with Apollo Old Timers panel, buffet banquet on Saturday night with astronaut panel, Late Night at NARCON on both Friday and Saturday night, NAR Town Hall meeting on Sunday morning, access to Apollo/Saturn static model room, vendor room, door prizes and more. Hurry! Registration closes February 22, 2019.

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Important Note – 16 January 2019: If you are wondering if there are any potential effects of the U.S. Government shutdown on NARCON 2019 activities, there really aren’t any.

The Friday evening Welcome Reception at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is still on. While some of their specialty tours are suspended during the shutdown, that won’t impact our reception.

Our planned Sunday Cape Canaveral AFS bus tour also is still on because it is Department of Defense (DoD) controlled and they are fully funded under a different spending bill. As usual, the only thing that could affect a tour are any launch operations and, as of now, that’s not an issue either.

Finally, our astronaut guest appearances at the Saturday evening Banquet so far are unaffected. Most of the astronauts we are working with are retired from NASA or employed elsewhere. If NASA-KSC Director and former astronaut Bob Cabana can’t be our emcee we’ll have someone else run the show. And since this is not an official NASA function he might be able to attend anyway.