Flex Wing Boost Glider Duration

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36.1 Scope
Flex Wing Boost Glider Duration comprises ten events open to any model rocket, one portion of which returns to the ground in stable, gliding flight supported by flexible aerodynamic lifting surfaces which sustain that portion against gravity. If the entry is staged, the gliding portion must be part of the uppermost stage. The entry may separate into multiple pieces; only the gliding portion is timed and needs to be returned per Rule 30.9 – Return. The purpose of this competition is to achieve the longest flight duration time.
36.2 Qualification
During the recovery portion of the flight, the entry’s gliding portion must achieve a minimum of a 1:1 glide ratio at some point to be considered qualified.
36.3 Disqualification
Non-gliding portions of the entry may deploy parachutes and/or streamers for recovery purposes. However, any gliding portion of the entry that descends with parachute and/or streamer recovery device(s) intentionally attached must be disqualified.
36.4 Classes
This event is divided into classes based on the permissible total impulse of the motor(s). The following classes of Flex Wing Boost Glider Duration are established:

Motor Class Multi-Round Maximum (sec)
1/8A 30
1/4A 45
1/2A 90
A 120
B 180
C 240
D 270
E 300
F 300
G 300