About the Sporting Code

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The United States Model Rocket Sporting Code (USMRSC) or Sporting Code, provides a standard set of rules by which NAR members may compete with one another on the basis of skill, ability, and expertise. The NAR Contest and Records Committee (the Contest Board) through its national chairman and regional representatives manage and administer the Sporting Code.

NAR members who wish to compete are encouraged to contact an individual or local NAR section that sponsors sanctioned rocketry competition. NAR members needing help locating or contacting an NAR section in their area can obtain assistance consulting the NAR section list – https://www.nar.org/find-a-local-club/ or by emailing NAR Headquarters – https://www.nar.org/about-nar/organization-contacts/.

Changes to the Sporting Code may be made by the Board of Trustees, the Contest Board, or the Rule Change Process (RCP) which is managed by the Rules Revisions Subcommittee. At a minimum, the Contest Board shall publish all changes to the Sporting Code on NAR.org, along with the date on which they take effect.

Members who would like to serve as Regional Contest Chairs or serve on the Rules Revisions Subcommittee should contact the National Contest Board Chairman.

Because the Sporting Code cannot address all the outcomes of competition, disputes and protests regarding the rules are inevitable. Whenever possible, competitors should exercise common sense, fair play, and sportsmanship in an attempt to reach a solution.

To support the continued advancement of model rocketry, the National Association of Rocketry supports competition as an activity that emphasizes sportsmanship and patience; construction and flying skills; safety and education, and creativity and innovation.

This edition of the Sporting Code replaces all previous versions and is effective July 23, 2022.