If you would like to participate in the World Space Modeling Virtual Open Meet, please complete a Registration Form and email it to the Contest Director and Sports Director. There is no cost to enter. NAR membership or FAI license is not required.

Last updated: 19-Sep-2020

Competitor Country S2/P S4A S6A S7 S8D S9A
Ambla, Prathamsinh Ranjistsinh IND x
Barber, Arthur USA x x x x
Bundick, Mark USA x
Carson, Don USA x x x x x
Dauphin, Bill USA x x x x x
Disch, Tom USA x
Grant, Bradley USA x x x x
Ivanetc, Roman UKR x
Kristal, Emma USA x x x
Kristal, Steve USA x x x
Krupitskiy, Yuriy UKR x x x x x
Lipai, Hanna BLR x
McReynolds, Marc USA x x
Prymushko, Andriy UKR x
Steele, Matt USA x x x x
Tataryn, Taras CAN x x x x x
Thompson, John USA x x x
Tiusty, Peter USA x
Trush, Sergiy UKR x
Woebkenberg, Katherine USA x x
Woebkenberg, Ryan USA x x
Wolf, Dan USA x x x
Zurek, Rebecca USA x x x