R38 NAR S&T CERTIFICATION NEWS February 27, 1997
Aerotech-Licensed Manufacturers Certified
Aerotech has announced the licensing of other manufacturers to produce and
sell components of their patented "Reloadable Motor System." NAR S&T has
agreed to honor the certification of these casings so long as they are
built under license from Aerotech and constructed to the same
specifications as the original Aerotech components. The first such
licensee uses the trade name, "Dr. Rocket."

FSI F100 Now Designated F80
Flight Systems Inc. has relabeled their F100 model rocket motor as the
F80. Under the definitions of a model rocket motor (cf. NFPA 1122), the
average thrust must be 80 Newtons or less. Both remain certified for
contest use and general use as a model rocket motor.

NAR Member HPR Certification Motors Clarified
NAR members using motors for NAR High Power Rocket certification should
use the manufacturer's motor designation of impulse class. Some NAR
members questioned what designation to use when the manufacturer
designated impulse class differed from tested impulse class for some
Tripoli certified motors. It is the decision of the NAR Sport Services
Committee, as reviewed by the NAR Board of Trustees, to utilize the
manfacturer designation.

Tripoli Hybrid Certifications Recognized
The NAR Board of Trustees has voted to recognize the certification of all
hybrid motors certified after testing by the Tripoli Rocket Association
for use by qualified NAR members. Prior to this action, NAR S&T examined
the test data before honoring the certification. With the retirement of
this procedure, NAR members may now use hybrid motors as soon as they are
announced as having been certified.

Jim Cook, Secretary for
NAR Standards & Testing

Jack Kane, Chairman
NAR Standards & Testing

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