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Engine Testing Notices

This is a chronological list of motor certification announcements issued by NAR Standards & Testing since December of 1993.

Click on the release number to view the full text of the release.

Number Date News Release
R143 2/23/2014 New Motor Certifications:
Aerotech F44W-4,8
Aerotech G74W-4,6
R142 7/19/2013 New Motor Certifications:
Aerotech C3.4-P
Aerotech D2.3-P
R141 2/3/2013 New Motor Certification:
Estes E16-0,4,6,8
R140 1/9/2013 New Motor Certification:
Estes F15-0,4,6,8
R139 10/29/2011 New Motor Certification:
Estes E12-0,4,6,8
R138 08/17/2011 Model Rocket Motor Labeling Requirements Changed
R137 05/24/2011 Contest Certifications:
Estes A8-0
Estes A10-0T
Contest Decertifications:
Aertotech G71
Ellis E10, E12, F20, F23, G20, G35
R136 03/27/2011 New Motor Certifications:
Estes A8-0
Estes A10-0T
R135 07/31/2010 New Motor Certifications:
Aerotech F30-4,6,8
Aerotech (HP)G138-14A
R134 03/23/2010 New Motor Certification:
Quest A3-2,4
R133 12/14/2009 New Motor Certifications:
Quest D5-4,6
Quest D8-0,3,5
R132 10/30/2009 New Motor Certification:
Aerotech E20-4,7,10
R131 10/29/2009 New Motor Certifications:
Quest A8-3
Quest B4-4
R130 6/24/2009 Continued Old Motor Decertification:
Kosdon Motors
R129 5/29/2009 New Motor Certification:
Alpha I250
R128 5/29/2009 New Motor Certification:
Aerotech I49N-P
Aerotech I59NW-P
R127 3/23/2009 New Motor Certification:
Aerotech F32-4,6,8
R126 1/23/2009 New Motor & Contest Certification:
Aerotech D10-3,5,7
R125 8/29/2008 Contest Certifications:
Aerotech/RCS G76G-4,7,10
Quest D5-P
R124 8/29/2008 Motor Certification Correction:
Aerotech M3500R-P
R123 8/29/2008 New Motor Certification:
Aerotech N1000W-P
R122 7/23/2008 New Motor Certifications:
Aerotech F35W 5,8,11; G78G 4,7,10
R121 5/30/2008 New Motor Certification:
Aerotech G142-6,10,14
R120 5/30/2008 New Motor Certification:
Aerotech G76G-4,7,10
R119 2/25/2008 Contest Certification:
Aerotech G80T-7,10,13
R118 2/15/2008 Certification:
Quest A6-4; C6-3,5; D5-P
R117 12/7/2007 Certification:
Aerotech G80T-7,10,13
Distinguished from previous G80's by the thrust ring molded into the case.
R116 10/3/2007 Certification:
Animal Motor Works K500S-P
R115 9/17/2007 Certification:
Aerotech/RCS F23FJ-4,7; G53FJ-5,7,10
R114 9/5/2007 Contest Certification:
Aerotech/RCS F27R-4,8; G69N-P
R113 7/23/2007 Certification:
For use in Animal Motor Works 38-640 hardware only.
Aerotech/KBA I301W-18; I550R-20

For use in Animal Motor Works 54-2550 hardware only.
Aerotech/KBA K750W-P; K1750R-P

For use in Animal Motor Works 75-7600 hardware only.
Aerotech/KBA M1450W-P; M2900R-P
R112 6/29/2007 Certification:
Aerotech/RCS M650W-P; M750W-P
R111 6/27/2007 Certification:
Animal Motor Works L1400SK-P; N2800WW-P
R110 5/4/2007 Motor Modification:
Aerotech/RCS G40W-4,7,10; G80T-4,7,10
R109 5/4/2007 Contest Certification:
Aerotech/RCS G71R-4,7,10; G77R-4,7,10; G79W-4,7,10
R108 4/16/2007 Contest Certification:
Aerotech/RCS E11J-3
Apogee D10-3,5,7; E6-4,6,8,P; F10-4,6,8
R107 3/27/2007 Certification:
Aerotech G69N-P
R106 1/31/2007 Certification:
Aerotech F27R-4, 8; G71R-4, 7, 10; G79W-4, 7, 10
R105 1/26/2007 Certification:
Animal Motor Works I220SK-20, I325WW-18
R104 8/1/2006 Certification:
Aerotech G77R-4,7,10
R103 7/17/2006 Contest Certification:
Roadrunner Rocketry G80R-4, 7, 10; F60R-4, 7, 10; F35 - 6, 10
R102 5/23/2006 Certification:
Animal Motor Works I271BB-20; I285GG-20; I315SK-20; I375GG-20; J365SK-P; J440BB-20; L666SK-P; M1730SK-P; N2020WW-P; N2600GG-P; N2700BB-P; N4000BB-P
R101 5/16/2006 Certification:
Roadrunner Rocketry G80R-4, 7, 10; F60R-4, 7, 10; F35 - 6, 10
R100 12/1/2005 Contest Certified on 12/1/05:
Aerotech F62T-S,M,L; G61W-S,M,L; G67R-S,M,L; G77R-S,M,L; G79W-S,M,L
Cesaroni G69-Adj
Ellis Mountain E10-6,10; F23-6, 10; G20-3, G35-6, 10; G37-6,10,p
R099B 9/15/2005 Contest Certified on 12/1/05:
Aerotech D21T-4,7; E15W-P
R099A 8/15/2005 Contest Certified on 8/15/05:
Aerotech E15-4,7; F26-6,9; F42-4,8
R99 4/10/2005 Certification:
Aerotech F20-4,7 (LUR)
R98 3/15/2005 Certification:
Animal Motor Works J230-P
R96 4/10/2005 Certification:
Aerotech: F42-4,8; F26-6,9
R95 3/5/2005 Certification:
Animal Motor Works K555-SK-P
R94 5/16/2004 Certification:
Animal Motor Works J400-RR-P; J480-BB-P; K365-RR-P; K560-RR-P; K700-BB-P; K605-RR-P; K650-RR-P; K800-BB-P; K1000-SK-SM-P; L900-RR-P; L1080-BB-P; L1100-RR-SM-P; L1300-BB-SM-P; M1480-RR-SM-P; M1900-BB-SM-P; M2200-SK-SM-P
R93 5/15/2004 Contest Certification Resumed 6/1/04:
AeroTech D13-4,7,10; D15-4,6; D24-4,7; E28-2,5; F12-2,5; F22-4,7; F39-6,9
R92 5/15/04 Announcement:
S&T continuing certification of AeroTech motors
R91 11/19/2003 Contest Certified 1/1/04:
Estes A10-PT
AeroTech E16-4,7; E18-4,8; E23-5,8; E30-4,7; F24-4,7; F25-4,6,9; F40-4,7,10; F52-6,8,11; G40-4,7,10; G64-4,8,10
R90 7/14/2003 Certification:
Animal Motor Works K450BB-P-SM; L700BB-P-SM
R89 5/26/2003 Decertified on 12/31/2003:
Estes A10-0T
Estes/NCR G70-5,7,10
Quest B6-0,2,6; C6-7
R88 3/12/2003 Certification:
Animal Motor Works J370GG-P; K475WW-P; K530GG-P; K1075GG-P-SM
R87 12/6/2002 Certification:
Animal Motor Works J357WW-P; K570WW-P; K975WW-P-SM
R86 11/5/2002 Certification:
Animal Motor Works M1350WW-P-SM; M2500GG-P-SM
R85 11/4/2002 Contest decertified on 1/1/03:
Aerotech D9-4,7; D13-4,7,10; D15-4,6; D21-4,7; D24-4,7; E15-4,7,PW; E16-4,7; E18-4,8; E23-5,8; E28-2,5; E30-4,7; F12-2,5; F22-4,7; F24-4,7; F25W-4,6,9; F37-6,10,14; F39-6,9; F40-4,7,10; F52-6,8,11; G38FJ-4,7; G40W-4,7,10; G54-6,10,14; G64-4,8,10
R84 8/29/2002 Certification:
Animal Motor Works J450ST-P; K950ST-P; L777WW-P-SM
R83 7/14/2002 Decertification Policy Change:
Certification for general use now expires at the end of the calendar year
R82 7/11/2002 Decertified on 7/1/2005:
Kosdon G40-P; G75-7; H70-P; H135-11; I120-P; I130-5; I145-7; I150-6; I170-11; J230-8; J275-6.5; K350-9; K450-12; K700-18; K777-11
R81 7/9/2002 Certification:
Animal Motor Works K600WW-P-SM; L1060GG-P-SM
R80 7/8/2002 Contest decertified on 7/1/02:
Aerotech D7-RC; E6-4,6,8,P; E6-RC; E7-RC; E12J-R; F10-4,6,8; F13-RC; F16-RC; F23-RC-SK; F32-5,10,15; F72-5,10,15; G12-RC; G25-5,10,15; G55-5,10,15
Apogee B7-4,6,8,10; C4-3,5,7; C6-4,7,10; C10-4,7,10; D3-3,5,7; D10-3,5,7; E6-4,6,8,P; F10-4,6,8
Estes A10-PT; C5-3; E9-0
Rocketvision E15-4,7; F32-5,10,15; F72-5,10,15; G55-5,10,15
R79 7/5/2002 Certification:
Animal Motor Works K670GG-P
R78 10/3/2001 Certification:
Estes A8-5
R77 10/2/2001 Certification:
Quest MicroMaxx II-1
R76 9/10/01 Contest decertified on 1/1/02:
Apogee 1/4A2-2,4; 1/2A2-2,4,6; A2-0,3,5,7; B2-0,3,5,7,9
R75 7/31/2001 Interim Certification:
Quest Micro-Maxx II
R74 7/9/2001 Certification:
AeroTech D24-4,7
R73 7/7/2001 Certification:
Estes 1/2A6-2; B6-0; C11-0,3,5,7; D12-7; E9-0,4,6,8,P
R72 6/27/2001 Certification:
AeroTech H268R-10,14,P; I285R-10,14,P; I65W-P
R71 6/9/2001 Interim Certification:
Estes E9-4
R70 5/22/2001 Certification:
Estes A10-PT, D11-P
R69 5/17/2001 Certification:
AeroTech H210-10; I218-6,14
R68 1/16/2001 Announcement:
RASP data now available on Engine Data Sheets
R67 11/27/2000 Certification:
Rocket Vision F32-5,10,15
R66 11/12/2000Certification:
PML F50-6; G40-4.7; G80-4,7
R65 7/23/2000 Decertified on 7/1/01:
Centuri 1/2A6-2; A8-3,5; B4-2,4,6; B6-0,4,6; B8-5; C5-3S; C6-0,3,5,7; D12-0,3,5,7
Estes A8-5, B4-6, B8-5
FSI A6-3,5; B6-0,3,5; C6-0,3,5; D18-0,4,6; D20-0,3,5,7; E5-0,4,6; E60-0,4,6,8; F7-4,6; F80-0,4,6,8,10; F100-0,4,6,8,10
Contest decertified on 7/1/01:
Estes B6-0, D12-7
North Coast Roctetry F62-4,6,9
R64 7/23/2000 Correction:
Quest motor designations
R63 7/23/2000 Clarification:
Gluing objects to motor casing
R62 11/21/99 Certification:
AeroTech F23-4,7; G38-4,7
R61 11/7/99 Certification:
Rocket Vision E15-4,7; F72-5,10,15; G55-5,10,15
R60 10/12/99 Contest recertification:
Estes F62-4,6,9
R59 9/26/99 Contest decertified on 7/1/00:
Estes F62-4,6,9; G70-5,7,10
Quest A6-4; B6-0,2,4,6; C6-5,7
R58 9/12/99 Contest decertified on 7/1/00:
Estes 1/2A6-2, A10-0T, D11-P
Decertified on 7/1/00:
AeroTech C6-3,7; C12-2,5,7; E25-4,7; E27-3; E45-4,8,12; F14-4,6,P; F44-5,10,15; G42-4,8,12
Apogee 1/4A3-4T; A3-2T,6T
MRC FX; A8-3; B4-4; B6-4; C6-3,5
R57 9/12/99 Certification:
Apogee C6-4,7,10
R56 3/24/99 Certification:
Quest Micro Maxx-1; A8-3; B4-4; C6-0,3
R55 3/22/99 Announcement:
Engine Data Sheets available in PDF format.
R54 9/25/98 Certification:
Estes 1/4A3-3T
R53 9/14/98 Certification:
AeroTech D9-4,7; E23-5,8; F12-5; F22-7; F52-6,8,11
R52 9/8/98 Contest decertified on 7/1/99:
AeroTech D15-8, E11-4, E16-10, E18-10, E28-8, F39-3
Decertified on 7/1/99:
North Coast Rocketry F30-4,6,P
Decertified on 7/1/02:
AeroTech F25-4,6,9 Classic Propellant, G40-4,7,10 Classic Propellant
R51 9/1/98 Certification:
NCR (by Estes) G70-10
R50 8/5/98 Certification:
Kosdon J275-6.5, K450-12, K777-11
R49 8/1/98 Certification:
NCR (by Estes) F62-9, G70-5,7
R48 4/9/98 Certification:
Apogee D10-3,5,7
R47 3/25/98 Contest decertified on 7/1/98:
FSI A6-3,5; B6-0,3,5; C6-0,3,5; D18-0,4,6; D20-0,3,5,7; E5-0,4,6; E60-0,4,6,8; F7-4,6; F80-0,4,6,8,10; F100-0,4,6,8,10
Decertified on 7/1/98:
Aerotech E6-2, F10-2
Apogee E6-2, F10-2
Estes E15-4,6,8,P
R46 3/10/98 Announcement:
Safety Code for Radio Controlled Rocket Boosted Gliders Approved.
R45 1/18/98 Certification:
AeroTech F50, G80 Fast White Lightning propellant
R44 11/27/97 Certification:
AeroTech (RMS) F37-6,10,14, G54-6,10,14
R43 11/7/97 Announcement:
Redesignation of various Kosdon motors
R42 10/3/97 Contest decertified on 7/1/98:
Estes A8-5, B4-6, B8-5
Decertified on 7/1/98:
Aerotech E15-10, E25-10, E30-10, F14-9, F25-12, F44-20, F50-12, G40-13, G80-13
Apogee 1/4A3-2T
Estes A3-2T,6T
MRC B4-2
R41 7/21/97 Certification:
NCR (by Estes) F62-4,6
R40 7/11/97 Certification:
Aerotech E12J-RC
R39 3/10/97 Contest decertified on 7/1/97:
Aerotech C6-3,7; C12-2,5,7; E25-4,7; E27-3; E45-4,8,12; F14-4,6,P; F44-5,10,15; G42-4,8,12
Apogee 1/4A3-4T; A3-2T,6T
MRC FX, A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-3,5
R38 2/27/97 Announcement:
"Dr. Rocket" labeled motors considered certified as licensee ofAerotech.
FSI F100 redesignated F80.
NAR Member HPR Certification based on manufacturer motor designation.
Tripoli-certified hybrids recognized by NAR.
R37 2/18/97 Certification:
Aerotech F20-4,7; G35-4,7
R36 9/12/96 Certification:
Aerotech H220-6,10,14 (HPR motor)
R35 7/4/96 Certification of HPR motors:
Kosdon G40-P, G75-7, H70-P, H135-11, I120-P, I130-5, I145-7, I150-6, I170-11, J230-8, K350-9, K700-P
R34 6/7/96 Certification:
Apogee B2-5,7,9
R33 5/8/96 Certification:
Aerotech I300-6,10,14 (HPR motor)
R32 5/8/96 Certification:
Apogee B2-0,3
R31 11/15/95 Contest decertification:
NCR F30-4,6,P
R30 11/14/95 Certification:
Apogee 1/4A2-2,4; 1/2A2-2,4,6; A2-0,3,5,7
R29 8/24/95 Announcement:
NAR S&T to test and certify HPR and Hybrid motors up to K class impulse.
R28 8/5/95 Contest decertified on 7/1/95
Aerotech/Apogee E6-2, F10-2
Estes E15-4,6,8,P
R27 3/27/95 Certification:
NCR F30-4
R26 3/7/95 Certification:
NCR F30-6,P
R25 3/5/95 Update:
Aerotech E15-PW is a disposable, not reloadable motor.
MRC motors continue to be certified, manufacturer still in business.
R24 2/13/95 Certification:
Aerotech E15-PW
R23 12/21/94 Announcement:
Estes E15 lot 13X10 and 15X11 recalled by Estes.
All Estes E15 motors to expire 7/1/98 per policy due to production hiatus.
R22 12/9/94 Announcement:
NAR Certified Motor List available for FTP at sunsite.unc.edu as well as CompuServe.
R21 12/9/94 Certification:
Aerotech F10-6
R20 9/27/94 Certification:
Aerotech E6-6
R19 9/23/94 Announcement:
NFPA 1127 public comment period ends 10/14/94.
R18 8/28/94 Certification:
Aerotech E7T-RC; D7T-RC
R17 7/3/94 Correction:
G33 casing size in announcement R16.
E6 and E10 motors certified with Aerotech or Apogee label.
Apogee Medalist D3 motor size.
R16 6/21/94 Certification:
Aerotech G33-5,7 (as HPR motor)
R15 6/16/94 Certification:
Aerotech E6T-RC
R14 6/7/94 Certification:
Aerotech F13-RCT; F16-RCJ; F23-RCW-SK
R13 5/13/94 Correction:
Following motors will not be decertified:
Aerotech E25-4,7; E45-4,8,12
R12 5/13/94 Certification:
Aerotech F12-2J; F39-3T,6T,9T
R11 3/14/94 Certification (but no contest certification):
Aerotech Classic F25 and Classic G40
R10 3/14/94 Certification:
Aerotech F24-4,7; E16-4,7,10; G64-4,8,10
R9 3/12/94 Contest decertified on 7/1/94:
Aerotech D21-10; E15-10; E25-4,7,10; E30-10; E45-4,8,12; F14-9; F25-12; F44-20; F50-12; G40-13; G80-13
MRC B4-2.
R8 2/14/94 Certification:
Aerotech C6-3,7; C12-2,5,7; E27-3; D15-4,6,8; E11-4; E18-4,8,10; E28-2,5,8; F22-4
R7 12/30/93 Certification:
Apogee C4-3
Quest B6-2,6
R6 12/30/93 Correction:
Only FSI E5-0,4,6 motors manufactured prior to February, 1987 will be decertified as of July 1, 1994.
R5 12/14/93 Contest decertified 7/1/94:
Apogee 1/4A3-2T
Estes A3-2T,6T
Completely decertified 7/1/94:
Estes 1/4A3-2T,4T; 1/2A6-0,4; A3-2T,6T; A8-0; B8-0,7; B14-0,5,7; D11-9
Centuri: 1/4A4-2M,4M; 1/4A4-3M,5M; 1/2A4-3M,5M; 1/2A6-4; A4- 2M,4M,6M; A8-0; B8-0,3,7; B14-0,5,7; C5-0S.
FSI: Any motor manufactured before February, 1987.
SMI: (all) B4-2,4,6.
U.S. Rockets: (all) E6-0,4,8; E10-0,4,8; E25-0,4,8,12; E55-0,5,10,15; F9-0,4,8; F10-0,4,8; F20-0,4,8,12; F80-0,5,10,15,20; G25-0,5,10,15.
Vulcan: E26-5,7,10; G50-7,10,13.
Completely decertified 7/1/95:
Aerotech: D7-0,2,4,8; D8-0,2,4,8,12; E6-0, E10-0,2,4,8; E28-0,4,8,12; E50-0,5,10,15; F9-0,2,4,8; F10-0, F15-0,2,4,8, F20-0,4,8,12; F30-0,4,7,10; F41-0,6,9,14; F44-0; F80-0,5,10,15; G25-0.
NCR: (all) E28-0,4,8,12; E50-0,5,15; F41-0,6,9,14; F75-0,5,10,15,20.
R4 12/14/93 Announcement:
Formal NAR S&T Certification Policies
R3 12/2/93 Policy announcement:
Reloadable motors 0 - 160 Newton-seconds are Model Rocket motors
G motors are Model Rocket motors.
R2 12/2/93 Certification:
Aerotech D13-4,7,10; F40-4,7,10, G12RC
Apogee C4-5,7; D3-3,5,7
Estes E15-6
R1 12/2/93 Initial announcement of NAR S&T news releases.

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