R106 NAR S&T New Motor Certifications 1/31/2007
The following motors have been certified by NAR Standards & Testing as 
general use Model Power Rocket Motors effective January 31, 2007. 

29mm x 83mm 
F27R-4, 8 
49.6 Newton-seconds total impulse* 
37.7 Newtons Peak Thrust* 
24.4 Newtons Average Thrust* 
28.4 grams propellant mass 

29mm x 124mm 
G71R-4, 7, 10 
107 Newton-seconds total impulse* 
117 Newtons Peak Thrust* 
71.0 Newtons Average Thrust* 
56.9 grams propellant mass 

29mm x 146mm 
G79W-4, 7, 10 
108 Newton-seconds total impulse* 
93.9 Newtons Peak Thrust* 
72.9 Newtons Average Thrust* 
60.1 grams propellant mass 

Special Notes:
*-Sea level corrected value

Propellant Key: 
R = Redline Propellant 
W = White Lightning Propellant 

Jack Kane
John Lyngdal 
NAR S&T Chairmen 

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