R43 NAR S&T Motor Update November 7, 1997
As a service to the rocket community, NAR Standards and Testing is updating
the designations of Kosdon motors on the certified motor list. The
manufacturer changed the designations of some motors based on test data
during the certification process. The motors will be listed by their most
recent designation, with the older designations noted parenthetically for
three years. The motors are certified for use regardless of which
designation is used.

This information supersedes the combined NAR/TRA certified motor list as
published in the November/December 1997 issue of "Sport Rocketry" magazine.

Motor Designation(s)          Cert. Group
--------------------          -----------
G40-P                             NAR
G65     (G140)                    TRA
G75-7   (G100)                    NAR
G250                              TRA

H70-P                             NAR
H105    (H220)                    TRA
H135-11 (H160)                    NAR
H155    (G170)                    TRA
H200    (H240)                    TRA
H255    (H270)                    TRA
H284                              TRA
H365    (H400)                    TRA
H470    (H550)                    TRA

I120-P  (J240)                    NAR
I130-5  (I175)                    NAR
I145-7  (I240)                    NAR
I150-6  (J180)                    NAR
I155    (I180)                    TRA
I170-11 (I320)                    NAR
I220    (I240)                    TRA
I255    (I410)                    TRA
I300                              TRA
I385    (H450)                    TRA
I420    (I400)                    TRA
I560    (I800)                    TRA

J180    (J360)                    TRA
J230-8  (J270)                    NAR
J280    (I310)                    TRA
J295    (K480)                    TRA
J340    (J300)                    TRA
J450    (I500)                    TRA
J480    (J450)                    TRA
J530    (J900)                    TRA
J850    (J1000)                   TRA

K350-9  (K360)                    NAR
K700-P  (K600)                    NAR

L585    (L600)                    TRA
L850    (K1000)                   TRA
L1860   (K1700)                   TRA

M1015   (L900)                    TRA
M1845   (M2000)                   TRA

Jim Cook, Secretary for
NAR Standards & Testing

Jack Kane, Chairman
NAR Standards & Testing

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