21 August to 18 October, 2020

The first ever worldwide FAI-style spacemodeling contest concluded on October 18, 2020, with over 50 contestants on three continents taking part! On behalf of Mike Nowak and myself, we would like to extend our hearty thanks to the contest jury, judges, contest administrators, and most of all, the contestants who made this event a success.

In addition, we would like to express our very sincere thanks to Chris Flanigan and Don Carson for their vision and guidance. Had they not made the Virtual NARAM idea a reality, the World Spacemodeling Virtual Open Meet would never have taken place.

James Duffy

The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has heavily impacted the international space modeling community, postponing the 2020 World Championships for Spacemodels as well as a full slate of World Cup contests. While we won’t be able to get together in person this season, we can “virtually” get together via a remote contest, the World Space Modeling Virtual Open Meet!

This unofficial event will provide spacemodelers worldwide a fun opportunity to practice their competition skills on the events that will be held at the World Championships in Romania next year. Flights may be flown and submitted from Friday, 21 August through Sunday, 18 October.  The traditional FAI rules will be slightly adjusted to accommodate the remote nature of the contest.

  • Participants may fly individually or at group launches.
  • Participants may time their own models, or have a helper time them.
  • Binoculars may be used to assist in timing flights accurately.
  • The return rule on duration events is waived. Participants may use as many models as they wish.
  • There will not be separate Senior and Junior categories. We want to give younger competitors the opportunity to beat their teachers, team managers, and mentors!
  • There is no need to hold a valid FAI license. This will be a great opportunity to introduce FAI-style flying to those who do not currently possess a license.

Complete details can be found on the Rules and Events page.

James Duffy (USA) will be the Contest Director for the event, and Mike Nowak (USA) will be the Sports Director. Contact them at jduffy@mac.com and mikemnowak@gmail.com regarding questions or suggestions about this contest.

If you would like to participate in the World Space Modeling Virtual Open Meet, please complete a Registration Form and email it to the Contest Director and Sports Director. There is no cost to enter. NAR membership or FAI license is not required.

We hope this allows the international spacemodeling community an opportunity to enjoy some of the fun and fellowship of a World Championships or World Cup, while also allowing others the opportunity to try a new and exciting form of rocketry!

Contest Officials

Contest Director

  • James Duffy (USA)

Sports Director

  • Mike Nowak (USA)

Contest Jury

  • Zoran Pelagic (SVK), Jury President
  • Michael Ryabokon (UKR), Jury Member
  • Chris Flanigan (USA), Jury Member
  • Taras Tataryn (CAN), Reserve Jury Member

Virtual Range Safety Officer (RSO)

  • Denis Pridanikov (UKR)

S7 Judges

  • Arnis Baca (LAT), Head Judge
  • Marcin Bielecki (POL), Judge
  • Zivan Josipovic (SRB), Judge
  • Patrick McCarthy (USA), Judge
  • Dan Popa (ROM), Judge

Data Processing

  • Andrija Ducak (SLO)
  • Denis Khmil (UKR)

Contest Forms

Virtual Open Meet – Bulletin 1.2

Registration Form

S2/P Flight Results Form

S4A Flight Results Form

S6A Flight Results Form

S7 Entry Form

S7 Flight Results Form

S7 Sample Data Pack

S9A Flight Results Form