Contests can be a fun way to evaluate performance, earn NAR contest points, and qualify for NARtrek requirements. DART contests are free and open to all.

Starting in the fall of 2017, the NAR adopted the new “National Rocketry Competition” (NRC) format.  Using this new approach, contestants can fly any or all of six standard events.  A “leader board” will posted for competitors nationwide.  Qualifying flights can be made at any DART launch with at least two participating NAR members.

The NRC events for 2019-2020 include:

  • 1/2A Parachute Duration
  • 1/2A Streamer Duration
  • 1/2A Helicopter Duration
  • 1/2A Boost/Glider Duration
  • 1/2A Altitude (altimeter)
  • B Payload Altitude (altimeter)

These are good events that can be flown by beginning competitors as well as experienced flyers.  These events also “fit” the size of our Fiesta Island field, when the wind cooperates.

Please contact Chris Flanigan ( for additional information.  See the NAR web site for event rules.  (