Local Attractions

Great Sand Dunes National Park | The San Louis Valley’s crowning pride and joy, the Sand Dunes are at the eastern edge of the valley and offer camping, hiking, and occasionally, water to play in. Admission: $25 per vehicle

Colorado Gators Reptile Park | Hold a little alligator! Home to Mr. Bo Mangles the Albino Alligator, see many different types of reptiles here. Admission: Children ages 5 and under: Free ,Children ages 6 – 15: $10.00, Adults ages 16 – 64: $20.00, Seniors ages 65 – 79: $10.00, Seniors ages 80 and over: FREE

UFO Watchtower | Learn about the San Louis Valley’s many UFO sightings and spend some time on the balcony to try and catch a glimpse of otherworldly beings! Admission: $2 per person or $5 per car

Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge | View avocets, killdeer, white-faced ibis, herons and other wildlife at this flatland home for migrating birds and local species. Admission: Free


Restaurants nearby

Mi Taquito | Alamosa, CO | Authentic, great tasting Mexican food for a great price. $

SLV Brewing Company | Alamosa, CO | Housemade beers & a hearty comfort-food menu offered in a laid-back brewpub setting. $$

Campus Café | Alamosa, CO | Widely regarded by locals as the best breakfast in town, try the giant cinnamon roll! $

IHOP | Alamosa, CO | A classic sit-down restaurant, finally available in the valley. Excellent 24-Hour service, for any night-owls among us. $$

May-Wa Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant | Alamosa, CO | Arguably the best Chinese food in town, located on Main Street. $$

Chili’s Bar and Grill | Alamosa, CO | Sit-down restaurant near the Hobby Town with an attached bar. $$

Mountain View | Monte Vista, CO | Family owned operation serving comfort food and hand cut steaks. $$

Don Tomas Bakery and Breakfast | Monte Vista, CO | Donut and coffee shop with homemade burritos.


Fast Food nearby

McDonald’s | Alamosa, CO | Located right on the highway on the way to the launch site, a great place for a quick bite.

Burger King | Alamosa, CO | In a similar location to McDonald’s, it serves as a convenient stop for a quick bite.

Little Caesars | Alamosa, CO | Near a busy intersection in town, this quick and easy pizza joint is as simple as it gets.

Taco Bell & Long John Silvers | Just off the main highway heading out of town, this place offers two brands of fast food goodness!

Dairy Queen | Monte Vista, CO | A short 15 minutes north of the launch site, this is a great choice for lunch or a post-launch snack.

Subway | Monte Vista, CO | This sandwich shop’s prime location along the highway makes it a prime spot for lunch or even dinner.

Pizza Hut | Monte Vista, CO | Located near the edge of town, serves as a sit down or carry out restaurant.



Walmart | Alamosa, CO | Located at the west side of Alamosa, it is easily accessed without travelling through town.

Big Valley Hobby Town | Alamosa, CO | Our local hobby shop, family owned and operated. It will serve as a one-stop shop for any last-minute rocketry needs as well as a workspace with electricity.

City Market | Alamosa, CO | One stop shop for grocery needs with an attached gas station with discounts for City Market/King Soopers customer.

Walgreens | Alamosa, CO | This Walgreens serves as the only one for hours in all directions.

Safeway | Monte Vista, CO | Located about 15 minutes from the launch site, this is a great place to go for meal supplies.

Monte Vista Co-Op | Monte Vista, CO | Farm supply store that carries assorted hardware, paint, and tools.