National Association of Rocketry
Rocket Science Achievement Award
  RSA Members Award List              
  1 Mile High Marker              
Ed LaCroix  NAR:11248   Flight Date
Entry Date: 8/16/2013 July 20, 2012. 
CTI G54-12 5,317  feet AGL
CAD drawing: Link to Design 
Strato Logger:  Link to Data Plot 
Ted Cochran NAR:69921 Flight Date
Entry Date: 12/11/2013 May 24th, 2013 2013 NSL
M2400T AeroTech 5,986 feet AGL
CAD drawing: Link to Design
PerfectFlite SL100 Link to data file
Raven  Link to Raven file
Data PDF Link to data pdf 
Ronald Parsons NAR 91926 September 7th, 2013
Entry Date: 12/02/2013 7,158 AGL
Motor Gorilla M1665WT
Rocksim File Link to Rocksimfile
Rocket JPG Link to Rocket Drawing JPG
Strato Logger file Link to Strato Logger File
Strato Logger JPG Link to Strator Logger JPG
  4 Mile High Marker              
Sather Ranum NAR:87637 Flight Date
Entry Date: 04/01/2013 October 29th, 2011 
CTI N5800 21,971 feet AGL
CAD File: Link to Drawing
MAWD:  Link to Data Plot Raw Data:
Photo Link to Photo
Gregory A. Lyzenga NAR:13295 Flight Date
Entry Date: 11/04/2013 July 18th, 2013 Black Rock
CTI K300 22,963 feet AGL
Strato Logger Link to SLG file
Big Red Bee  Link to GPS KLM file
Drawing 1 Link to drawing 1
Drawing 2 Link to drawing 2
Photo Link to photo
  22 Mile High Marker              
Jim Jarvis NAR 83148     Flight Date              
Entry Date: 12/27/2013   September 20th,  2013 Black Rock          
CTI N5800 staged to N1100 118,632 AGL            
Big Bee GPS KML file Link to KML  37354m-1195m(GL)=36,159m          
Rocksim File Link to Rocksim File              
JPG Rocket drawing Link to JPG                
Featherwieght ALT Link to Altimeter File  *(GPS is the data point of record)        
Photo of Rocket Link to Photo              
On-Board Video See user Jiminaus50 on You Tube - FourCarbYen Video        
  Faster Then Sound              
Jim Jarvis NAR 83148
Entry Date: 12/27/2013   September 20th,  2013 Black Rock          
Velocity      3005fps 2049mph            
Featherwieght ALT Link to Altimeter File