Payload Duration rules

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P40.1 Scope

Payload Duration Competition comprises ten events open to single-stage or multi-stage model rockets that carry, as a totally enclosed payload, one standard Duration Payload. The purpose of this competition is to boost a standard Duration Payload, eject the payload from the carrier vehicle, and achieve the longest duration for the payload.

P40.2 Payload Specifications

Duration Payloads are defined in the following table:

Type Description Approximate Size Definition
1 Table Tennis (ping pong) ball 40 mm diameter ITTF [1] or similar
2 Badminton birdie 54 mm diameter at aft end BWF [2] or similar
3 Wiffle baseball 75 mm diameter Wiffle [3] or similar
4 Wiffle softball 96 mm diameter Wiffle [3] or similar

[1] International Table Tennis Federation
[2] Badminton World Federation
[3] The Wiffle Ball, Inc.

P40.3 Requirements and Disqualifications

The Duration Payload must be completely enclosed within the carrier vehicle during ascent.
The Duration Payload must be released or ejected from the carrier vehicle prior to touchdown of the carrier vehicle. The Duration Payload must fall freely after separation from the carrier vehicle. Nothing may be attached to or entangled with the payload during descent. The carrier vehicle shall be recovered in a safe manner per Rule 3.5. A flight shall be disqualified if any of the above flight requirements are not satisfied.

P40.4 Duration

Duration is measured from first motion of the carrier vehicle to touchdown of the payload. If the payload cannot be observed by the timer(s) after separation from the carrier vehicle, the flight is considered a “track lost” and is not counted as an official flight.

P40.5 Classes

This competition is divided into classes based on the payload type and the permissible total impulse of the motor(s). The following classes of Payload Duration Competition are established with their respective weighting factors:

Motor Class Payloads Type Weighting Factor
1/8A 1 9
1/4A 1 9
1/2A 1 or 2 9
A 1, 2 or 3 9
B 1, 2, 3 or 4 10
C 2, 3 or 4 11
D 2, 3 or 4 12
E 3 or 4 13
F 4 14
G 4 15