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64.1 Scope

The purpose of this event is to encourage expanded participation of NAR members in rocketry competition.

64.2 Weighting Factor

This event shall be held at all sanctioned contests except record trials and NARAM. The weighting factor of this event shall not count against the maximum weighting factor for a contest as described in Rule 6.6.

64.3 New Competitor

A New Competitor is defined as an NAR member who did not receive competition points in the previous contest year. If the New Competitor is a new team, then none of the team members may have received contest points as individuals or team
members in the previous contest year.

64.4 Mentor

A Mentor is defined as an NAR member who earned points in the previous contest year and is named by a New Competitor as their Mentor on their contest entry form. A New Competitor may name only one Mentor. A Team may serve as a Mentor.

64.5 Same Contest

The New Competitor and the Mentor must register and compete in the same contest to score Mentorship points. Both must be present at the contest — proxy flights are not allowed in Mentorship.

64.6 Scoring

Each Mentor shall receive one (1) point for each New Competitor who makes at least one (1) qualified flight and has identified the Mentor on the contest entry form. The Mentor achieving the highest score is the winner, and Competition Points are awarded per Rule 13.1. A contestant scoring zero Mentorship points is not eligible for flight points in this event. Rule 9.6 does not apply to Mentorship Competition; solitary entries within a division are eligible.

Event points are calculated per Rule 13.5, and then added to the individual or Team points after normal contest scoring. The total score for a contestant can exceed the total nominal Contest points summarized in Rule 13.5.

Weighting Factor 15