Drag Race

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61.1 Scope

Drag Race Competition comprises a single event open to single-staged entries. The purpose of this competition is to determine which entry is most successful at meeting the triple criteria of quick ignition and lift-off, low altitude, and long duration.

61.2 Flyoffs

The event is a series of flyoffs (heats) between pairs of entries. The winner of each heat flies against the winner of another heat until the overall winner is determined. An additional flyoff between the losers of the semifinal rounds is to be made to determine third and fourth places.

61.3 Substitution

No substitution of models is permitted during the course of this event, except as specified under the provisions of Rule 11.5.

61.4 Choosing Competitors

The officials shall choose competitors for each flyoff by lot.

61.5 Launching

The model may be launched by either of the following methods:

  • Through a common ignition switch operated by the Launch Control Officer; or,
  • By the contestants themselves, using separate ignition systems.

61.6 Ignition System

Any type of electrically initiated ignition system may be used, provided that it meets the requirements of Rule 9.5.

61.7 Disqualification

An entry that does not fly successfully shall be disqualified.

61.8 Early Start

When a model is launched with a separate ignition system under the control of the contestant, the model must achieve first motion on or after T-0. A model achieving first motion before T-0 shall be disqualified.

61.9 Late Start

A model that does not achieve first motion before T+2 shall be disqualified.

61.10 Scoring

Drag Race Competition shall be scored as follows: the winner of each heat shall be that entry which receives the higher number of points according to the following schedule:

  • One point for the first entry to achieve first motion;
  • One point for the entry achieving the lower altitude; and
  • One point for the entry that touches the ground last. If the entry separates into two or more pieces, the first piece to touch the ground is counted.

The winner of the last heat shall be declared the winner. The loser of the last heat shall receive second place. There shall be a flyoff for third and fourth places between the losers of the semifinal heats.

61.11 Return

The model is not required to be returned to the officials, except as stated in Rule 9.10, and Rule 61.3.

Weighting Factor 2