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1.1 Model Rocket

Model rocket means an aeromodel that ascends into the air without the use of aerodynamic lifting forces against gravity; that is propelled by means of a model rocket motor; that includes a device for returning it safely to the ground in a condition to fly again; and that contains no parts, particularly metal parts, that are likely to create a hazard. Model rocket motors and recovery system protectors or wadding, if present, do not constitute portions of a model rocket.

1.2 Model Rocket Motor

Model rocket motor means a reaction motor produced by a commercial manufacturer using pre-loaded combustible solid propellant as fuel or a rocket motor designed to be reloaded with commercially manufactured combustible solid propellant charges.

1.3 Glossary of Definitions

A Glossary containing the official definitions of key words (which appear in boldface on their first significant occurrence in the text of the rules) is provided in Appendix A.

1.4 Headings

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