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56.1 Purpose

Concept Sport Scale Competition is a variation of Sport Scale. The purpose of this competition is to produce a flying replica of either a fictional or a seriously proposed, but unflown rocket vehicle that differs from Sport Scale Competition (Rule 53) only in the nature of the prototype and substantiation data.

56.2 Exclusions

Subjects excluded from this event:

  • Vehicles from unpublished fiction and amateur films
  • Science fiction or futuristic designs published by model rocketry manufacturers, publications, or organizations specifically for flying model construction
  • Science fiction themed rocket kits that do not appear in actual works of science fiction or rockets in generic science fiction illustrations
  • Generic illustrations of a class of proposed vehicle rather than a specific program
  • Real prototypes that appeared in science fiction, unless so modified that they could not be flown in Sport Scale
  • Amateur rockets and missiles, except when the prototype is of obvious historical significance

56.3 Plastic Models

Entries that qualify for Plastic Model Conversion Competition under Rule 55 are specifically excluded from this event.

56.4 Substantiation Data

As with Sport Scale, the contestant must supply data to substantiate the model’s adherence to scale in shape, color, and paint pattern. Data must derive from the work of science fiction or from a published serious proposal. A serious proposal is one by an established aerospace professional, institution or company.

For fictional prototypes, photos and art extracted from the work of science fiction, or from advertising or publicity for the work are acceptable. Photos and drawings of props used in filming of works of science fiction are acceptable. If the original work did not depict the vehicle in color, colors of contemporary vehicles may be used to suggest a scheme consistent with the original work.

For proposal prototypes, photos and drawings of models produced by the proposing companies or institutions are acceptable. If color or markings data is not available, the modeler may document markings for a similar design proposed or flown in the same era. Drawings or photographs depicting flying model kits are not adequate.

56.5 Scoring

Scoring is the same as in the Sport Scale (Rule 53) event.

56.5.1 Similarity of Outline: 200 points

56.5.2 Finish, Color, and Markings: 200 points

56.5.3 Degree of Difficulty: 100 points

56.5.4 Craftsmanship: 300 points

53.13.1 Flight Characteristics: Mission: 200 points

53.13.2 Flight Characteristics: General Flight: 100 points

56.6 Flight

Each entry shall make a safe, stable flight. If the entry does not make a safe, stable flight, the entry shall be disqualified.

56.7 Weighting Factor

Weighting factor is the same as in the Sport Scale event.

56.8 Damage

Damage shall be judged cumulatively with each flight, assessed from the judged condition of the model to the condition presented to the judge post-flight. The only exception to this is damage caused in the course of a catastrophic failure under Rule 11.5, in which case such damage shall not be counted against the flight points.

Weighting Factor 20