Provisional Competition

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18.1 Publishing

In order to foster the development of new events for national competition, the NAR Contest Board may publish twice a year provisional rules for those events that appear to have sufficient merit for inclusion into regular competition.

18.2 Submission

New events may be proposed by any NAR member or section for the consideration of the NAR Contest Board. They should be submitted to the chairman of the Provisional Events Subcommittee.

18.3 Form

Rules for provisional competition shall be presented as for any established event. The NAR Contest Board shall choose an appropriate Weighting Factor, to be used during the period of Provisional Competition.

18.4 Adoption

An event shall retain its provisional status for at least two full contest years. It may then be either dropped or adopted for inclusion into the next Sporting Code Revision by a vote of the NAR Contest Board. The Weighting Factor or other parts of the event rules may be changed at this time as necessary for the purpose of regular competition. Provisional events that engender little national interest or appear to offer no challenge after being tested in competition may be dropped after two years.

18.5 Improvement

During the provisional stage of an event, NAR members and sections are encouraged to suggest rule changes in the event for the purposes of improving the event, eliminating loopholes, or making the event more interesting. Contest Directors are encouraged to include Provisional events in meets, so that the rules can be tested for suitability before they are officially adopted.

18.6 National Meet

A Provisional event may not be included in a National Meet until it has qualified under Rule 18.4; except by a special resolution of the NAR Contest Board.

18.7 Standards

Provisional events submitted for the consideration of the NAR Contest Board must meet safety standards. In addition, they should be designed so that they can be flown in all sanctioned NAR meets, and from launching sites of limited size as well as large size. If applicable, a history of the event, including the number of times flown and the apparent degree of difficulty, should be included in the proposal.

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