Protests and Appeals

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12.1 Protests

Protests will be considered only when presented in writing to the Contest Jury no later than one hour after the end of the competition, and when accompanied by $20.00 in cash.

12.2 Details

The protesting competitor must report in full the action or decision under protest, the names of the contestants and officials involved, and other substantiating details. All sides of a protest shall have the right to be heard by the Contest Jury and/or NAR Contest Board.

12.3 Decision

The Contest Jury shall give to the Contest Director, and all parties involved in the protest, a brief written statement of the situation and their decision. This statement shall be included with the contest results. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee shall be returned to the contestant. If the protest is denied, the protest fee shall also be included with the contest results forwarded to the NAR Contest Board. A decision is required within 24 hours of filing of the protest.

12.4 Appeal

A contestant may appeal a decision of the Contest Jury to the entire NAR Contest Board. Such appeals, written legibly or typed, must be postmarked within three days following the receipt by the contestant of the decision from the Contest Director on the original protest. If the Contest Board upholds the appeal, the protest fee paid at the meet shall be returned to the competitor. The decision of the Contest Board on a protest is final.

The Contest Board must rule on the appeal, in writing, within 21 days from receipt of the appeal and all necessary documents required to make the ruling.