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8.1 Entering Competition

All contestants entering model rockets and competing in NAR sanctioned competition shall be members of the NAR in good standing. They are required to sign an official entry blank. The countersignature of a parent or guardian is required on the entry blank for minors, except for persons serving in the Armed Forces of the United States or students enrolled at the time in a college, university, or other institution of higher learning. Upon entering a competition, contestants must present for verification their NAR Sporting License to the Contest Director or his/her deputy, at the Contest Director’s request.

8.2 Age Division

The Competition Divisions are as given in the following schedule:

A Division 7 – 13 years old
B Division 14 – 18 years old
C Division 19 years old and older
T Division Registered NAR Teams

All divisions are to be flown separately at any sanctioned meet, unless they must be combined in accordance with Rule 9.6. The division in which an NAR member will compete during a Contest Year is determined by the member’s age/status as of July 1, the start of the Contest Year. If the member turns 7 years of age during the contest year, he/she may compete after his/her 7th birthday.

8.3 New Members

Newly joined NAR members who have not yet received their Sporting License and wish to compete in sanctioned competition shall be recorded as pending. The Contest Director may require a pending member to show proof of his/her application for membership.

8.4 Proxy

A contestant properly entered in sanctioned competition may have his/her models flown by proxy by another NAR member, except in the following events:

Drag Race
Radio Controlled Glider
Research and Development
Space Systems
Spot Landing
National Championship Awards
United States Performance Records

Models that are to be radio controlled may not be proxy-flown. The builder of the model to be proxy-flown must furnish in writing evidence satisfactory to the Contest Director of his inability to be present. This statement shall be forwarded to the NAR Contest Board with the meet results. Contestants having official duties at the contest may have their models proxy-flown for them with the approval of the Contest Director. An entry shall not be proxy-flown by a member whose Competition Age Division is older than that of the contestant.

In the event that the Contest Director disallows a proxy entry, this decision may be protested to the Contest Jury under the provisions of Rule 12. If the Contest Jury rules against the contestant, the decision may be appealed to the NAR Contest Board. In this instance, the contestant shall be allowed to fly, pending the decision of the NAR Contest Board; but his/her flight records shall be kept separate and shall not be considered official until the NAR Contest Board rules in favor of the contestant, if it so rules.

8.5 Teams

Two or or more NAR members may enter competition as a team. Teams must be registered with the NAR Contest Board each year. Team renewals are due July 1 of each Contest Year. Membership of a team cannot be changed during the Contest Year. Such a change must be registered as a different team. Teams shall compete for competition points in a separate Team Division. One or more members of the team shall prepare entries for flight, except if they are to be proxy-flown under the provisions of Rule 8.4. Entry blanks shall carry the number of the team, the names and NAR numbers of all members participating in the contest, contact information for a designated primary member and for compliance with Rule 9.6 the date of birth of the oldest team member participating in the contest. All points earned and records established are credited to the team. Points earned in team competition are not entered in the individual’s record of contest points, and may be used only for the team. No NAR member may enter a meet as both an individual and as a team member, and no NAR member may enter a meet as a member of more than one team; however, neither of these restrictions shall apply at Record Trials.

8.6 Sections

Where a group of NAR members enter competition as a chartered NAR section, all members of the group shall be bona fide members in good standing of that section, as indicated by the section number on their NAR membership card. Entry blanks shall carry the name of the section to which the member’s points are to be credited. An NAR member or team may not enter competition as a member of more than one section during the course of a single Contest Year unless such a change is applied for and approved by the NAR Contest Board; however, any NAR member or team may enter a competition as an Independent competitor regardless of actual section affiliation.

8.7 Fitness

No contestant may fly model rockets while under the influence of intoxicants. Anyone so caught will not be permitted to fly and may be expelled from the meet under the provisions of Rule 11.4.