Contest Officials

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7.1 Contest Director

A Contest Director who is a Senior member of the NAR in good standing shall: apply for contest sanction; receive and be responsible for all contest material; ensure that the competition is properly arranged and functions within the intent and specifications of this United States Model Rocket Sporting Code; and report the results of the competition. The duties of the Contest Director and the Range Safety Officer may be combined. The Contest Director appoints the Range Safety Officer, Contest Jury, Judges, Trackers, and Timers.

7.2 Range Safety Officer

A Range Safety Officer (RSO) shall preside over the conduct of the competition in accordance with Rules 3 and 5. In no case may the Contest Director, Contest Jury, or any other official override a safety ruling of the RSO. Only the Contest Jury may relieve the RSO of his/her duties.

7.3 Safety Check Officer

The RSO may appoint Deputy Range Safety Officer(s) to function as Safety Check Officer. The Safety Check Officer shall be qualified to rule in accordance with Rule 5.3. The duties of the Safety Check Officer and the RSO may be combined.

7.4 Contest Jury

There shall be a Contest Jury of three persons for each contest. The Contest Jury is empowered to make all decisions concerning any interpretation of the Sporting Code and to decide any disputes and protests, except those decisions related to safety considerations in accordance with Rule 7.2. At least one jury member must be a Senior member of the NAR. The other jury members may be Senior, Leader, or Junior members of the NAR. The Contest Director may act as one of the jury members. The Contest Director shall appoint the Contest Jury prior to the first official flight. No juror shall rule or vote on any decision that could alter the award of contest points to his/her entry. Where a decision involving the entries of two jurors is involved, the ruling of the third juror shall be the determining factor. In the case of disputes, the ruling of two of the jurors present and acting shall be the determining factor. Any decision of the Contest Jury except for a safety ruling as stated in Rule 11.1 may be protested as described in Rule 12. The Contest Jury may not override a safety ruling of the RSO. No Contest Juror may be relieved of his/her duties by the Contest Director.

7.5 Judges

The Contest Director shall appoint teams of Judges for events requiring static judging (e.g., Research and Development, Scale, Plastic Model Conversion). At least half of the judges on each Judging Team must be members of the NAR, allowing for Guest Judges. At least one member of each team of Judges must be a Senior or Leader member of the NAR.

7.6 Trackers and Timers

The Contest Director may appoint any capable person as a Tracker or Timer. Any glasses or aids necessary for that person to have normal vision must be worn. Any person not having correctable vision (e.g., cannot obtain a drivers license due to vision) is not eligible to time or track.

7.7 Fitness

No person may serve in any Contest Official position where the safety of a flight of a model rocket is concerned (RSO, Check-in, LCO) while under the influence of intoxicants. Anyone so caught will be removed from the position and may be expelled from the meet under the provision of Rule 11.4.