Competition Points and Championships

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13.1 Competition Points

Competition points shall be awarded to each contestant on the basis of the following schedule:
10 points per event for placing first
6 points per event for placing second
4 points per event for placing third
2 points per event for placing fourth
1 point per event for making at least one qualified, official flight (flight points)

Note that “Track Lost”, “Track Not Closed”, and “No Return”, if not disqualified for other reasons, may not place in an event, but still receive flight points.

13.2 Ties

In case of a tie in any of the four places, duplicate points shall be awarded. This rule may be superseded by the rules for a specific event.

13.3 Weighting Factor

Each event is assigned a Weighting Factor that is based on the difficulty of the event. These Weighting Factors are listed under the rules for each event and summarized in the Weighting Factor Chart in Appendix B.

13.4 Contest Factor

Each competition classification as listed in Rule 6.3 has a Contest Factor as reiterated below:

Event Type Contest Factor
Section Meet 1
Local Meet 1
Open Meet 2
Regional Meet 3
National Meet 8
Record Trials none

13.5 Scores

Scores are calculated in the following way: Competition Points are multiplied by the Weighting Factor for each event. The result is then multiplied by the Contest Factor to produce the contestant’s total score for the event. For example, a contestant places first in Scale Competition at an Open Meet. First place gives the contestant 10 points; Scale has a Weighting Factor of 32; and an Open Meet has a Contest Factor of 2. Multiply 10 x 32 x 2 to obtain the number of competition points to be awarded to the contestant for the event: 640 points.

Not counting the points from Mentorship (Rule 64), the total points potentially available at a meet for an individual or team are limited by the Contest Factors listed in Rule 13.4, the Total Weighting Factors listed in Rule 6.6, and the First Place Competition Points listed in Rule 13.1. The limits can be calculated by multiplying these factors, and are listed below for convenience. Note that not every meet will have the total points listed below; some will have fewer if the Total Weighting Factors for the meet are less than listed in Rule 6.6.

Event Type Maximum Points
Section Meet 400
Local Meet 400
Open Meet 1200
Regional Meet 2400

13.6 Acceptance

Points scored in competition shall be official only when the NAR Contest Board accepts the contest results.

13.7 Competition Division

An event flown in competition divisions shall be scored and points shall be awarded as if separate events had been flown.

13.8 Contest Year

Competition points shall be cumulative for each NAR member, team, or section that enters and flies in sanctioned competition during each Contest Year.

13.9 National Championships

National Championship Awards for a Contest Year shall be given in the following categories to the contestant, team, and section that has compiled the largest number of contest points in that category during the Contest Year. At least the top four places in each category shall be recognized with these awards. Each place across all categories shall receive equivalent awards. To be eligible for any of these awards, individuals, teams, or sections must enter and fly in the National Meet at the close of the Contest Year.

A Division;
B Division;
C Division;
T Division; Team awards shall be given in pairs.
Sections; The National Championship Section shall also receive the rotating pennant.

Proxy-flown entries shall not be permitted to earn National Championship Awards in individual or team categories or be the sole entries in the Section category.

NARAM and pre-NARAM awards may be given to the top places in each of the above 5 categories at the option of the National Meet Contest Director.