Cluster Altitude

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23.1 Scope

Cluster Altitude (CA) is comprised of six events open to single staged model rockets.

23.2 Purpose

The purpose of this event is to foster the understanding and execution of a fundamental model rocket skill: clustering. The purpose of the competition is to achieve the highest altitude.

23.3 Retained Motors

All motor cases are to be retained in the model. Following an official flight, a contestant must present his/her model as recovered to a contest official for verification of motor casing retention or the flight will be disqualified.

23.4 Winner

The person achieving the highest altitude is the winner.

23.5 Classes

The following five classes of Cluster Altitude are established:


Class Name Weighting Factor
1/8A x 2 Motor CA 12
1/4A x 2 Motor CA 12
1/2A x 3 Motor CA 14
A x 4 Motor CA 16
B x 5 Motor CA 18
C x 6 Motor CA 20


23.6 Simultaneous Ignition

All motors of Cluster Altitude event models shall be ignited on or instantaneously after the model’s first motion (i.e., “Simultaneous Ignition”).

Partial cluster ignition shall be deemed a qualified flight unless disqualified for other safety reasons by the RSO. Unignited motors carried aloft shall be retained within the model.

23.7 Partial Ignition

Models that do not ignite all motors in flight will be considered official flights. An entry which fails to ignite all of its motors is considered a qualified flight unless it is unsafe (Rule 11.1), experiences a catastrophic failure (Rule 11.5), or the track is lost (Rule 14.9).

24 Reserved for future events