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Model Rocketry is an activity that emphasizes safety, education, and sportsmanship. Competition modeling develops patience and skill, and encourages creativity and innovation. The National Association of Rocketry provides support for competition modeling as an excellent means of encouraging these aspects of model rocketry, and thereby ensures the continued advancement of the hobby.

The United States Model Rocket Sporting Code (the “Pink Book”) provides a standard set of rules by which NAR members may compete with one another on the basis of skill, ability, and expertise. The Sporting Code is administered by the NAR Contest and Records Committee (the “Contest Board”) through its Regional and National Chairmen.

This edition of the Sporting Code replaces all previous versions and is effective as of July 1, 2016.

From time to time, the Contest Board may add or revise rules by publishing the changes in Sport Rocketry magazine and/or Model Rocketeer newsletter, along with the date on which they are to be effective. These rule changes should be clipped and saved in your copy of the Sporting Code, on pages marked “Published Amendments to the Sporting Code.” There are a number of occurrences that can result in changes to the rules; including action by the Contest Board, suggestions from the membership carrying the signatures of three NAR members, and decisions reached through the protest and appeals process described in Rule 12. Additionally, the Rules Revisions Subcommittee and the Provisional Events Subcommittee work continually to improve the Sporting Code. Members who would like to contribute to the work performed by either of these subcommittees are welcome to contact the National Contest Board.

Since the rules of the Sporting Code cannot cover all possible eventualities of competition, disputes over the rules are inevitable. Whenever the rules prove insufficient, competitors can often reach a satisfactory resolution of a problem by exercising common sense, fair play, and sportsmanship. When necessary, interpretation of the rules may be made on the field by the Contest Jury. Serious disagreements can be resolved through the protest and appeals mechanism. All NAR members are invited to join in sanctioned competition activity. Members who do not belong to a NAR section can obtain the name of a club in their area (or information on starting a new section) by writing to the NAR Section Activities Committee, in care of NAR Headquarters.

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