Engine Testing Notices


R95 New Motor Certifications 5 Mar 2005

The following motor has been certified by NAR Standards & Testing for general use as a high power rocket motor effective December 21, 2004. It will not be certified for NAR contest use as it is not a model rocket motor.

The following are reloadable motors, certified only with the indicated size casings and manufacturer supplied nozzles, end closures, delays (or smoke devices), and propellant slugs.

    Animal Motor Works:
        54mm x 492mm (54-1750 casing):
           K555-SK-P  (1300 Newton-seconds total impulse, 862.0 grams propellant mass)

    Propellant Key:
    SK = Skidmark propellant

Jim Cook,
Secretary for NAR Standards & Testing

Jack Kane,

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