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R55 Complete NAR S&T Rocket Motor Data Sheets Now Available Online 22 Mar 1999

NAR Standards & Testing is pleased to announce the availability of data sheets for all in-production rocket motors certified by NAR S&T. The NAR website, http://www.nar.org, contains a link to a list of complete list of NAR-certified motors (NARenglist.shtml).

Each motor on the certified motor list is now a link to a data sheet in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). The data sheet contains certified and test values for total impulse, time delays, and other measurements, together with a thrust/time curve. These curves may be viewed online, from your web browser via a plugin, or printed at high resolution on your printer.

The free Acrobat reader for Adobe PDF files for a dozen platforms is available at http://www.adobe.com. Hardcopy versions of all data sheets remain available to anyone through the NAR Technical Service (NARTS). A NARTS catalog is also available at the NAR website.

Jim Cook,
Secretary for NAR Standards & Testing

Jack Kane,

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