Engine Testing Notices


R100 Contest Motor Certifications 1 December 2005

Following repeated requests by NAR members, changes in the NAR S&T contest certification policy were enacted by a vote of the NAR Trustees. Motors tested by TMT and CAR are now eligible for NAR Contest Certification, if NAR S&T determines that the motors meet the definition of a model rocket motor and the availability criterion.

Effective 2/1/06 the following motors are approved for use in NAR Contests:

       F62T - S,M,L  29x89mm
       G61W-S,M,L  38x106mm
       G67R-S,M,L  38x106mm
       G77R-S,M,L  29x150mm
       G79W-S,M,L  29x150mm

    G69-Adj  38x125mm

    Ellis Mountain:
       E10-6,10  24x102mm
       F23-6,10  24x140mm
       G20-3  29x149mm
       G35-6,10  29x165mm
       G37-6,10,P  24x181mm

John Lyngdal,
Secretary for NAR Standards & Testing

Jack Kane,

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