R29 NAR S&T ANNOUNCEMENT August 24, 1995

The NAR Standards and Testing Committee is proud to announce their
intention to begin testing high power rocket (HPR) motors October 3, 1995.
John Cato has agreed to join NAR S&T to test HPR motors at his facility in
Nicholls, Georgia. John brings a wealth of experience as former Chairman
of Tripoli Motor Testing.

Vern Estes has been hard at work since this winter, fabricating a new test
stand based on the design currently used by S&T to testing model rocket
motors. The new stand is designed to handle motors up to 54mm in diameter
with peak thrusts up to 2,500 newtons and contains several provisions to
minimize the effect of any motor failure during testing. Vern demonstrated
the stand at NARAM 37 in Geneseo, New York. The maximum motor accepted for
certification will initially be "K" (2560 newton-seconds total impulse).

NAR S&T is also actively pursuing hybrid motor testing. Bob Littlefield is
spearheading efforts in this area. Though there is not presently a
committed date to begin formal testing of hybrid motors, S&T expects to
conduct experimental firings before the end of the summer at Bob's
facility in Newton, New Hampshire.

Appropriate modifications to S&T testing standards and policies taking
into account high power and hybrid motors testing, as well as feedback
received at the April meeting in Huntsville with manufacturers and NFPA
experts are now being discussed. They will be mailed out to manufacturers
when completed.

Jim Cook, Secretary for
NAR Standards & Testing

Jack Kane, Chairman
NAR Standards & Testing

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