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Resources for Teachers and Youth Group Leaders

Free Resource Downloads - You are welcome to take advantage of our field experience in educational rocketry by using the set of free online resources listed provided below. Our guides are produced by members who have helped teachers and youth group leaders like yourself all over the United States, and are chock full of practical suggestions.

NAR Email Education Newsletter and Resource CD-ROM - Would you like to have a rocketry program at your school or know more about how to use rockets to teach math and science? Please take advantage of our field experience in educational rocketry by completing our survey. That signs you up for both our Email Educator Newsletter, and our free Rocketry Resource CD-ROM (available to educators and youth leaders in the US and Canada only). You and your students will be "go for launch."

Adventures in Rocket Science Educator Guide - Produced by a partnership with NAR and NASA through the NASA Explorers Institute, this 166 page guide contains 25 progressive rocketry activities designed for 4-H Clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts, after-school programs, and other informal education venues. It can also be used in K-12 classrooms since all lessons meet national science standards and teach motion, velocity, and acceleration through inquiry and measurement. The material begins with elementary level activities with simple air launched straw rockets, moves into water bottle rockets and concludes with NAR model rockets and high school level exercises. This guidebook will prepare your students to form a rocket club or get them ready to enter TARC. [6MB PDF file]

NASA Rocketry Resources. NASA publishes a wide range of online reference resources on rocketry suitable for classroom and student use, ranging from basic rocket science theory to specific information on the basics of model rocketry. These are nicely inexed on a single page on the NASA Glenn Reserch Center educator website.

How to Build a Model Rocket.
NAR volunteers have produced 9 pages of excellent basic tutorial material on how to build a model rocket and a 45-minute instructional video for rocketeers of all ages on all the steps and techniques involved in building and flying a basic model rocket. This instructional video has been divided into six short segments of 4 to 9 minutes duration and posted online by the NAR's TARC partners, the Aerospace Industries Association on their YouTube site. The six segments are:
Part 1: How Model Rockets Work
Part 2: Components of a Rocket
Part 3: Construction
Part 4: Finishing the Rocket's Fins
Part 5: Assembling the Rocket
Part 6: Painting the Completed Rocket

Basic Rocketry Presentation. If you need a short presentation that explains what the hobby is all about, how rockets work, and who the NAR is, try "This is Rocketry", a 20-slide presentation developed by the NAR specifically for school audiences.

NAR Educator Reference Resources. The NAR prints and distributes a CD-ROM filled with valuable and useful rocketry resources for teachers and youth group leaders. If you complete our survey you will get a hard copy of this CD, but in the meantime you can browse the contents of this CD-ROM online through this link.

Robert L. Cannon Education Grants - The NAR offers support to teachers who use rocketry in their classrooms via our Robert L. Cannon Education Award program. You're eligible to apply for our grants if you're currently holding a teaching certificate in your state, you have a model rocket activity in place at your school, and you're willing to write an article about that activity or another rocketry education experience for our magazine, Sport Rocketry. Please download our complete instructions and application form for a Cannon Education Award by clicking here.

NAR Student Scholarships - Finally, the NAR has a limited number of scholarships available annually to students. All applications must be postmarked by June 1. The student applicant must be a NAR member in good standing between the ages of 17 and 22, who is planning to attend, or is currently enrolled in a college, university or technical school. Award amounts and number are sent annually by the NAR Board of Trustees. Please free free to download our complete instructions and application form for an NAR Scholarship by clicking here.

If you have additional suggestions for new materials or improvements on our existing guides, please be sure to contact me directly. - Ted Cochran, NAR President

Free Resources for Our Educator and Youth Group Leader Visitors

  • Safety Overview - Explain rocketry safety issues to your parents or principal with our two page guide. (PDF)
  • NAR Model Rocket Safety Code - The official code of rocket safety, used as reference by the National Fire Protection Association, in a PDF form for easy printing. (PDF)
  • Scout/Youth Group Guide - Flying rockets as a class activity? You can't be without these hints and checklists to make your launch a success. (PDF)
  • Science Fair Guide - Help your students prepare for a science fair with our five page manual, containing tips for organizing a project, presentation ideas and suggested projects. (PDF)
  • Paper Tiger Rocket Plans - Need a low cost rocket your students can build? Try our a proven design originated by a middle school teacher. (GIF)
  • Ultra Low Cost Launch System - Got rockets but need a low cost launch system? Ted Mahler's set of plans and instructions can put a fully functional launcher in each student's hands for about $5. (HTML)
  • NCASE Brochure -A brochure about NAR rocketry focusing on education. You can call NAR HQ to order, or download from here. (PDF)
  • STEM School Curriculum Using Model Rocketry. A curriculum written by professional educator Tom Sarradet for middle and high school level classes that meets STEM educational objectives using rocketry, primarily through the process of designing and building a payload-carrying rocket for the Team America Rocketry Challenge. (PDF)

Other NAR Member Resources


These three rocket manufacturers also have good online resources suitable for use by educators:


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