2017 Reports

February 4 – Sport Launch, Federal Rd. field (Carter de Werd)
My fingers have finally thawed out enough to type up the flight report for the WSR launch on Saturday, February 4th. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the field it was cold out there. And if you weren’t there, you weren’t the only ones not to make it to the launch, the predicted clear skies and low winds didn’t make it out to the field either.

Despite the bracing weather we had 29 launches from 8 intrepid rocketeers. Leading the pack was the indefatigable Mike Rhode with 8 launches. In a three way tie for a distant second place were Cater de Werd, Tim Mauk and Jay Berry with 4 each. Lee Berry and Justin Bray launched three each. Bringing up the rear were Randy Boadway with 2 launches, and Logan Hermann and Joe Hermann with one launch each.

Despite the challenging weather we had some very interesting launches. Lee Berry started off the launch with the WSR rocket on a D12-3.

Jay Berry launched his G helicopter rocket on a G38-7. Randy (eating crow) Boadway insisted that it would shred on the way up, but the rocket held together and stayed aloft for over 90 seconds. I don’t say this often, but good job Jay.

Joe Hermann’s single launch was a very special one; he certified L1 high power. Joe launched a WAC Corporal on an H195T and used a chute release. It was a very nice flight. Congratulations Joe!

Tim Mauk had several nice flights. He launched his Little Joe II on an F44-4. The rocket ripped off the pad for an exhilarating flight. The Little Joe II has a lot of little fiddly bits hanging off of it and Tim found only one small part missing after recovery. Good job building Tim! But Tim had a second great launch that day. He put up his LOC EZI-65 rocket on an I65. The motor burned for about 9 seconds and was a very impressive thing to watch. Great job Tim.

Justin Bray had a challenging day. His X-wing rocket (four A10P motors in the pods and a central D12-5) suffered a Cato on the D12. Sadly, Justin’s difficulties didn’t end there. Justin attempted to certify L2 on an R3 with a J420R. The rocket lifted off on a beautiful red flame, but failed to deploy the parachute properly and damaged a fin on landing which resulted in a failed L2 attempt.

Randy Boadway successfully tested a Semroc prototype on several 13mm A motors.

Logan Hermann put up his Logan’s Sky Hook on a B6-4 for his lone flight of the day.

And finally, Carter de Werd went for the SpaceX award with his Sidewinder D. At a previous launch this rocket went unstable, so Carter added some nose weight. Apparently it wasn’t enough. Shortly after leaving the rod the rocket looped several times and then headed toward the ground. About 15 feet from impact it reversed direction and began to head back up. The smoke charge made it look like it was still under power and trying to land upright just like the Falcon 9. The rocket settled gently to the ground just as the nose popped off. OK, more nose weight next time.

We burned 33 motors at the launch. Here is the breakdown:

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 0 6 5 9 5 1 1 2 2 1 1 0 0 0



March 19 (Sun) – Sport Launch, Rip Rap Rd. field

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
3 0 1 0 9 5 1 2 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


March 20 (Mon) – Springboro HS STEM Fest

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
1 0 2 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


April 1 (Sat) – Rocket into Spring at Armstrong Air and Space Museum (Lee Berry)
We had a COLD day today. Overcast, a small breeze, causing a wind chill of 36 degrees. But we still got in 74 flights. We even had 12 new first time flyers with the build session. The sun did come out about 3:00pm to warm things up a little. Justin put in a total of 13 flights. Justin was even brave enough to launch a 2 stage rocket, not once, but twice and recovered all parts both times. Lee had also 13 flights for the day. Jay launched 9 rockets. He launched his Gyroc, Mini Mars Lander and Mini Orbital Transport. Gary and Emmett Beaver had a combined flights of 7. Colin enjoyed the afternoon. He did get in 6 flights. Carter also launched 6 rockets. He launched his “E.D.” rocket twice. The first flight ended up in a tree. Justin (we called him Justin 2) came and launched his “Executioner” twice on the D12-3. Both flights recovered in the field. One of his rockets was not able to return to us. Tom got in 3 flights for the day. After the launch, we were talking to museum and they said that they had 350 people go through the museum today. Overall we had a great day. Thanks to every that helped today at the launch…. Lee Berry….. President…..WSR703….

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
2 0 2 42 12 13 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


April 8 (Sat) – Sport Launch, Federal Field (Phil Queen)
As Lee said, if you weren’t there, you missed a great day for flying. We had 2 first time fliers in the 24 people who did show up to fly. There were 69 flights using 71 motors, one flight being a three motor cluster. We also had 4 successful High Power Certification Flights. T.J. Vieira and Rob Burghardt both got their Level 1 Certifications. Mark Van Luvender and Phil Queen both has successful Level 2 Certification flights.

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 1 4 4 14 8 6 9 11 6 3 3 2 0 0

CERTIFICATIONS: Phil Queen (L2), Mark Van Luvender (L2), Rob Burghardt (L1), T.J. Vieira (L1)


April 22 (Sat) – Wayne Trace District Camporee Space Exploration Merit Badge (Dave Combs)
Seven Boy Scouts from various Troops built and launched SEMROC My Boids at the small field at the Darke County Fish and Game club. They all did very well in building the rockets and operating the range equipment; they made my job easy. 15 flights, no losses, and one Scout turned in his completed Merit Badge workbook to finish the badge.

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 15 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

May 13 (Sat) – Sport Launch, Lowry Rd. field (LB)
WOW! WHAT A DAY!!!!  Clear skies and hardly any wind!!!!

We got to use a brand new location for our launch today. A field that was 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile. We did not have a waiver, so we were limited to a “G” motor. Thanks to Preston Mote for the use of the field.  We had 17 flyers, 97 flights and using 110 motors.  Below is the list of flyers with their flight totals.

1) Lee B.- Started the day off with the WSR703 rocket on a D12-3. Also flew his 2 stage Rookie for a good flight. Then Quadzilla for a total of 3 flights.

2) Chuck J.- 1 flight with his Thunderstrike on a D12-7 for a perfect flight.

3) Jay B. – 7 total flights including his MOAB for 2 flights, Space Shuttle on a B6-2 for interesting flight with the glider landing inside of a car. His Large Sidewinder with a G76G made great flight and landed right behind us. Jay gets the award for having to walk the farthest. His 2 stage rocket drifted over St Rt 571.

4) Emmett B.- Had a total  of 6 flights, his “Dare to Be Square” on a B, C and then a D motor. Also flew 2 of his Crayon rockets. Emmett gets the award for closest to pad.

5) Clay B.- Clay had 3 flights on the same rocket “Dare to be Scared” on those special numbered E12’s. After the third flight, the rocket is no longer with us.

6) Joe H.- Joe was the “G” motor man today. A total of 12 flights. He flew his Ventis twice on G74’s, his WAC on G77 and a G74 and flew his Panavia twice with the Estes F15. Congratulations on the most flight for the day!!!!!!!!!

7) Antoine- Thanks for flying with us for the first time. With a total of 6 fights,  Antoine started slow with his Baby Bertha and Astra III on “B”motors. After getting braver and braver on each flight, he decided to try the larger “C” motors. Congratulations on some amazing flights.

8) Dave C.- Dave flew 6 flights. He flew his Zenith two stage rocket on “B” motors and flew his “Mr. Eggcitement” on  E18 and landed way across the field. He brought the rocket back and the EGG was not broken. Way to go DAVE!!!!

9) Justin B.- He had 9 flights. His “Circus Act” ripped off the pad on a G76Green.  He flew his 2 stage Navaho for the first time on an A in the first stage to an A on the second stage. Then Lee dared him to use a C in the first stage. Justin prepped the rocket with the C in the first stage and a “A” motor in the top. Off the pad it went, while everyone was watching the first stage hit his car, nobody was watching the second stage and we LOST the rocket. SORRY DUDE!!!

10) Carter d.- Carter came in second place for the most flights for the day. He had 11 total flights. His V2 on an E18 decided to come apart right after motor ignition. Maybe he can repair it?  The Phoenix flew on a D12-3 for interesting flight and his Sidewinder on a D12-5. The Sidewinder decided to Lawn Dart but we think with a little tape and glue, it might fly again.

11) Steve B.- Thanks for coming to our launch all the way from Kentucky. He gets the award for traveling the most miles. He flew 5 flights. His most unbelievable flight was his 8 motor cluster with a flash pan. 1 central D motor and 7 C motors. Sweet Flight. Also flew his LOC Something on a cluster of 2 D12-5. He scared us all with his Crazy Frog rocket. The delay was JUST a little TOO long but right before hitting the ground, the chute deployed and saved the rocket.

12) Mark M.- Mark flew 5 flights. He was using a computer in his rockets and can’t wait until he downloads to give us the data that he received.

13) Gary B.- He managed to get 1 flight in on his Scoin on a F27 Redline.

14) Nate J.-  Nate got in 3 flights. Hope you had fun today launching with us!!!!!

15) Justin 2- He had a total of 10 flights. His Weasel flew on a F27 Redline. I tried to get him to launch the rocket on a G motor.  Maybe the next launch he might launch on a bigger motor.

16) Mark V.- With a total of 6 flights, I liked his flight of  the ARV Condor with 2 gliders.

17)  Mike R. – Mike was just passing thru, but got 3 flights in the air. His first flight was a Blue Jay glider or should we say a “B” motor?

Had a great day with very little wind and blue skies. We managed to get a lot of flights in the air. Our next launch will be our contest on May 20 and 21. The land owner of Lowry Road Field has given us permission to launch on his field next weekend. Should be another great weekend.

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 1 5 20 41 18 13 5 7 0 0 0 0 0 0

July 8 (Fri) – WVSOAR Launch (LB)
Had a Great time at WVSOAR today. Congratulations to Rob on his successful Level 2 flight. His 3″ bird went up on a J425R to 4300′ and landed only 50 feet from the pad. NICE JOB!! Colin flew his 4″ bird on an I366R. Main chute did not deploy but rocket landed ok with just the drogue chute. I launched my SA-14 on a F25 but the shock cord broke. Then I launched my AAMRAM on a I180W and the chute did not come out of the tube. No damage to both rockets and both will fly another day. Joe H flew all kinds of rockets. You will have to ask him how many steps he took today! All of his rockets ended up in the next field over. Phil Q was the man of the day! He first flew his SLS Mars Snooper on a H128W. That is correct, A H128W! Then he topped that flight with his 4″ Goblin with a H178DM “Sparky” motor. After ripping off the pad with sparks flying everywhere, the chute release deployed the chute and the rocket landed in the field.  Thanks to Joe and Phil for going with me…………..

CERTIFICATIONS: Rob Burghardt (L2)

July 15 (Sat) – NMUSAF Newton in Space (PQ)
A huge congratulations and thanks to all the WSR team members who assisted with the build of ALL 500 rockets, the launch crew who kept the lines short and moving, and the guys who manned the display inside the museum entrance. There were 294 Astra III flights (265 first-time rocketeers), and club members flew 29 sport flights for a total of 323 launches in a span of just 5 1/2 hours!

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 3 3 304 8 1 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

August 19-20 (Sat-Sun) WSR Sport Launch (PQ)
Even though the weather forecast called for rain on Saturday, we had a great day for flying. We had a Cub Scout Pack come out and fly with us and they had 5 boys fly their first rockets. On Sunday the winds picked up a little bit, but still was a good day for flying. We also had a Boy Scout Troop come by and had 2 boys fly their first rockets.

Saturday: 88 Flights, 95 motors used, 1 Cluster flight, 5 Multi Stage flights
1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 5 9 19 42 13 5 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Sunday: 43 Flights, 48 Motors used, 2 Cluster Flights, 1 Multi Stage flight
1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 2 6 13 10 10 1 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
September 9 (Sat) – Wright Brothers Aero Carnival (LB)
 Just wanted to write about the FUN we had at the Aero Carnival at Huffman Flying Field.  We started out with The Colonel meeting with us and even talking to Collin. The Colonel then went over to LCO table and launched the first rocket. By 10:30 we were off and running. Building rockets and even got to launch a few before our scheduled time. The first launch time was at 12:15 to 1:00.  Everything went great with no problems. We ended a little before 1:00 and then there was a 4 plane fly over. Still building rockets, by 1:15, we had a Boy Scout Troop that needed to launch rockets and then be at the Air Force Museum by 2:00.  We were not scheduled to launch until 2:15.  I asked for special permission for them to launch  between 1:30 to 1:40.  The launch was granted and up went the rockets. We got down to the last 2 rockets  and all went DOWN HILL. Off to the north of the tent city, a micro burst of wind, looked like a small tornado,  came twisting, roaring down the line of tents. Throwing tents in the air, along with lots of paper. The  wind burst, crossed the road heading toward our tent. Everybody grabbed our tent to keep it from blowing away. The two tents next to us went up in the air and it looked like the twisting wind headed around us and up in the air.  Still had all kinds of paper twisting in the circle of wind as it went skyward. There were a few people injured and had to take one person to the hospital. The park service decided to close down the event. No one in our group had any injuries.  Justin did launched his Nike Smoke on a F23-4BJ and Jay launched his small glider on a 1/2A motor. We did get to launch 55 rockets. We then packed up our equipment and took it back to eRockets. This was another very interesting Aero Carnival. Last year at this event, a severe thunderstorm closed the event.
September 20 (Wed) – Cub Scout Pack 116 Build/Fly, Far Hills Community Church (PQ)
 Five members came out to Far Hills Community Church to help Cub Scout Pack 116 with their Pack rocket launch last evening. Joe Hermann, Brian Guzek, Jay Berry, Randy Boadway, and myself helped 25 first time fliers launch their first model rocket, while launching a total of 69 rockets.One of the parents brought a vintage X-Ray rocket he had built when he was his son’s age for him to fly. Brian and Jay both flew their gliders and helicopters. The gliders flew great, the helicopters; not so much. Joe flew a Dare to be Square a couple of times.
1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 24 21 8 15 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
November 11 (Sat) – Sport Launch @ Federal Rd. Field (LB)
Things did not start out the way we wanted them to go. We got a late start because of the work that the farmer was doing to the field. Being a November day, we still had a pretty nice day. Here are some highlights of the day.

I started the day with the WSR703 rocket on a D12-3. Jay launched his 3 stage rocket but did not go as planned. John launched his “Door Knob” on a J415W. Mike also got in the race for staged flight with a rocket that had 2 stages. Mark brought out his up scaled “Sizzler” on an I2858R.  Tim used a J270W in his “Norad” to go to an altitude of 5700 feet. Ed from Columbus club, launched his “BBX” on a J425R motor.   We also had 5 certification flights.  University of Cincinnati had 2 students in attendance. One student completed their Level 1 and the other student, a successful Level 2 cert flight.  Bob from Columbus club had a Level 1 cert flight completed. A new entry to the HPR scene, Zac, after flying his rocket on a G74, decided to put an H135DM in his second flight for his successful Level 1 flight. Welcome to the “Rocketeer World”. The big flight of the day was Dave with his Level 2 flight. His scratch built “Mega Bandit” flew on a J350W to 3019 feet for his successful Level 2 flight.

We came up with 65 total flights.    Here is list of rocketeers with the number of flights that they had:  Carter- 1     Dave C- 3   Tom S – 2    Lee B- 3   Justin B- 3       Jay B-  4       John K- 4    Mark V- 3     Mike R- 6    Tim M- 5     Zac-3       Ed H-2    Bob C-1     UofC- 3

Next launch is December 2nd. Let’s hope for good weather. Thanks to all that helped make this launch.

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 0 6 8 16 10 2 1 6 12 3 5 0 0 0

CERTIFICATIONS: Dave Combs (L2), Bob C (L1), Zach Blustein (L1), University of Cincinnati (L2, L1)

December 2 (Sat) – Sport Launch @ Federal Rd. Field (DC)

34 fliers, 95 flights (1 multi-stage, 3 cluster), 105 total motors, 8 successful L1 cert flights and one failed Jr. L1 attempt (broken fin & zipper).

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
1 0 1 6 13 16 6 16 12 7 17 5 4 1 0 0

CERTIFICATIONS: Daniel Chudzinski (L1), Wiliam Frey (L1), Aaron Lampner (L1), Peter Lefere(L1), Andrew Loch (L1), Samantha Porter (L1), Jay Nagy (L1), Patrick Schernerhorn (L1)

December 16 (Sat) HPR Sport Launch @ Federal Field (LB)

We started the day or should I say, the morning off with attending the movie “Star Wars”.  After the movie, we went out to the field to launch rockets. We had clear skies but it was a little breezy. I started the day with the rebuilt WSR703 rocket. Last launch, the rocket landed in the creek. I had to replace the centering rings and motor tube. I decided to make the rocket a cluster of 2 24mm motors. I used 2 D12-5 to get the rocket into the air. The rocket landed all the way up to the land owners driveway. I launched a total of 3 rockets. Jay keeping in the theme of Star Wars, launched a R2D2 and the Death Star.  Tim M got in 5 flights. Zach launched 2 flights with one of them being a new Aerotech H283 Super Blue Thunder.  Bill E flew 3 rockets. Dave C had his Crayon rocket on the pad with a F40W.  We will just say something went wrong with the motor and came in a little too HOT!!!!!  Justin B launched 2  rockets. Justin knows that he needs to work a little bit more on his “Ring Rocket”.  Tom S used a D21-7 in his rocket that ripped off the pad. Carter got in 2 flights including Sammy Pooh and his Indestructible V.  Nate put his 2 stage rocket on the pad. First engine lighted but the top engine did not light. Dave had one of the Boy Scouts launch his rocket for the merit badge. Ethan launched his rocket successfully twice to complete the launch part of the merit badge. The U of Cincinnati club was in attendance. Krystal L passed the written L2 test. Then she launched her rocket on a J270.  The rocket went up in the air, the chute came out and landed for a successful L2 flight. We had a total of 25 flights and 27 motors.

1/8A 1/4A 1/2A A B C D E F G H I J K L M
0 0 1 1 4 3 7 6 3 0 1 0 1 0 0 0

2017 Club Events

May 24th (Wed) – Cub Scout Pack 116 (Weller Elementary) Launch
Far Hills Community Church, 5800 Clyo Rd, Centerville.  6:30pm-8pm (setup at 5:45). 50 Scouts who want to fly twice.  Club members can fly too and they want us to bring rockets to show off.  There is a very good chance we will be rained out so watch for a cancellation notice.
May 27 (Sat) – YMCA Huber Heights Build
7251 Shull Rd, Huber Heights.  6pm-8pm (setup at 5pm in the gym for build; put down carpet to protect the floors, get out tables and chairs). Contact Randy if you can help.
May 28 (Sun) – YMCA Huber Heights Launch
7251 Shull Rd, Huber Heights. 11am-1pm (setup 9am).  The church will be providing food for lunch.  Setup at 9am so we can attend service at 9:30 (volunteer needed for setup). Contact Randy.

June 3-4 (Sat-Sun) – WSR Regional Contest
Rip Rap Rd. Field. Saturday 11am-7pm, Sunday 11am-4pm. Load at eRockets at 930am, setup 10am.

Events: Open Spot Landing (4 points – MUST be flown first), B Eggloft Duration (17), B Boost Glider (19), A Helicopter (20), Sport Scale (20)

June 10-11 (Sat-Sun) – WSR Regional Contest
Rip Rap Rd. Field. Saturday 11am-7pm, Sunday 11am-4pm. Load at eRockets at 930am, setup 10am.

Events: Open Spot Landing (4 points – MUST be flown first), B Eggloft Duration (17), B Boost Glider (19), A Helicopter (20), Sport Scale (20)

July 8 (Sat) – WVSOAR Sport Launch
Bob Evans Farm, 741 Farmview Rd., Rio Grande, OH 45614. 10am-4pm.

July 15 (Sat) – Newton in Space at National Museum of the US Air Force
1100 Spaatz Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433. Times TBA. This is an ALL HANDS ON DECK club event; there will be 500 rockets available to be built by the public, and they will be launched in front of the Museum. Members can also do sport flights as pad space permits.

July 22-23 (Sat-Sun) – Summer Moon Festival at Armstrong Air and Space Museum
500 Apollo Dr, Wapakoneta, OH 45895. Arrive at eRockets to help load at 8am, depart at 830, demo flights start at 11 or earlier and go until about 2 or until crowd conditions make us close the range for Buzz Aldrin’s address. Then we can resume flights until about 5pm. Please wear your WSR shirts. Club members can do demo flights on both days. This is a VERY small field, next to I-75, so keep the impulse down; the club will provide A and B motors for demo flights. You also get free admission to the museum.

July 29 – August 4 (Sat-Fri) – NARAM-59
698 N. Maple Island Rd, Muskegon, MI  49442
Open Spot Landing (rules, tips)
C altitude (tracked) (rules, tips)
B Super-roc Altitude (altimeter) (rules, tips)
C Payload Altitude (altimeter) (rules, tips)
B Eggloft Altitude (tracked) (rules, tips)
G Helicopter Duration C and T divisions (rules, tips)
D Helicopter Duration A and B divisions (rules, tips)
C Flex-wing Duration (rules, tips)
Scale (rules, tips) (Mission Points Worksheet)
Concept Scale (rules, tips)
R&D (rules, tips, past reports for NAR members)

August 5-6 (Sat-Sun) – Dayton Mini Maker Faire
Carillon Park, 1000 Carillon Blvd, Dayton, OH 45409. Saturday 9:30am-5:00pm, Sunday 11:00pm to 4:00pm. WSR will be running a build/fly and rocket store (rockets $10, engines $3). Club members can do LOW IMPULSE demo flights; we will operate on the grass in front of the bell tower. Contact Dave Combs (937-248-9726 or via the WSR Yahoo Group) for more info.

August 5 (Sat) – WVSOAR Sport Launch
Bob Evans Farm, 741 Farmview Rd., Rio Grande, OH 45614. 10am-4pm.

August 15 (Tue) – Build Night/NRC Qualifying (1/2A PD) Launch
Rip Rap Road field. Starts at 6:30pm. Just announced at last Build Night, WSR will have the first opportunity to qualify for the National Rocketry Contest by flying the new contest events; emphasis at this launch is on 1/2A Parachute Duration. These are now individual qualifiers; there is no team or section competition. Your results can be entered on the NAR website to count towards your invite to the NRC in Pueblo next summer. You can fly ANY contest event at ANY sanctioned NRC qualifier launch,  and WSR intends to sanction every organized launch as a qualifier.

The new NRC Events are 1/2A Parachute Duration, 1/2A Boost Glider Duration, A Streamer Duration,  A Payload Altitude (Altimeter), and C Eggloft Altitude (Altimeter). The NAR website is in the process of being modified for the new NRC rules.

August 19-20 (Sat-Sun) – Sport Launch EXTENDED
Rip Rap Road field. Saturday 11am-5pm, Sunday 1pm-4pm or later. Please arrive at eRockets an hour early to help load equipment. eRockets will be open Saturday morning before the launch in the event weather is questionable.

September 9 (Sat) – Great Wright Brothers Aero Carnival Build/Fly
Huffman Prairie Flying Field, State Route 444, WPAFB Gate 16A. 10:30am – 5pm. This is an all-hands event, so please try to make yourselves available to help. Load equipment at eRockets starting at 7:30am. Setup 8:30-10am. Please wear you WSR name badge. You can park in the vendor/volunteer parking lot. Our tent is #2 on left side. When you get to this event, please go to Information tent and sign in. You will be given a ticket for a free lunch. Bring some of your rockets to fly. We can do demo launches but we need to keep them below 500 feet.

September 23 (Sat) – Miami Valley Council Cub Scout Rocket into Scouting Build/Fly
Cricket Holler Scout Camp. 10am-3pm; meet at eRockets at 9 to load, and setup is at 9:30. Demo flights are permitted but this is a SMALL field, so keep the impulse low (A/B, heavies on C’s). More information to follow.

September 24 (Sun) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Road field. 1pm-5pm.

September 30-October 1 (Sat-Sun) – ROCI Sport Launch
5161 E Memorial Dr, Muncie, IN 47302.

October 7 (Sat) – WVSOAR Sport Launch
Bob Evans Farm, 741 Farmview Rd., Rio Grande, OH 45614. 10am-4pm.

October 14 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Road field. 11am-5pm. The crops are still in the field at Federal Road, so this launch will be moved to Rip Rap Road. Class A (3.3 pound, G impulse limit) as always.

October 28 (Sat-Sun) – ROCI Sport Launch
5161 E Memorial Dr, Muncie, IN 47302.

October 29 (Sun) – Sport Launch
Federal Road field. 1pm-5pm. Subject to weather.

November 4 (Sat) – WVSOAR Sport Launch
Bob Evans Farm, 741 Farmview Rd., Rio Grande, OH 45614. 10am-4pm.

November 11 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Federal Road field. 11am-5pm.

November 18 (Sat) – Family Day Display
National Museum of the USAF,  1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45431. 9am-3pm. This is a display only event in the museum lobby – no flying. Bring a few high-quality display models and be prepared to talk to speak with visitors about rocketry and the club. Setup is at 8:30am, and you will have to go through security.

December 2 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Federal Road field. 11am-5pm.

December 9 (Sat) – Alter HS Build Session
940 E David Rd, Dayton, OH 45429. Time TBD. Ron Stauffer and Randy need some assistance with a class doing a build session. Please contact Randy to help.

December 12 (Tue) – WSR Christmas Party
eRockets. Gather at 6pm, dinner starts at 6:30pm. Open to WSR members and their spouses/families/SOs. It would be helpful to club leadership for you to determine how many are coming and to let Randy or Lee know ASAP. Gift exchange: You can bring one or more wrapped rocketry-related gifts, and you will get to pick as many gifts as you brought. Rambo Rules: When you select a gift from the pile, you can either keep it or take the most recent previously-chosen gift from its owner. (I.E. you want to be the last person chosen!) Dinner will be catered by Rudy’s Smokehouse BBQ in Springfield and will include meat and sides, and possibly desserts. Also, BYO beverages (adult or otherwise). Annual dues will also be collected at the dinner ($10 NAR member family, $20 non-NAR family).

December 16 (Sat) – STAR WARS – The Last Jedi
Rave Cinemas, Huber Heights, OH. 8:30am 3-D showing. You will have to go to the Cinemark Huber 16 website (CLICK HERE) to check ticket availability. We will reenact the classic Battle of Hoth immediately afterward at the Federal Road field as we launch rockets in the snow.

December 16 (Sat) – High-Power Sport Launch (Battle in the Snow)
Federal Road field. 11am-4pm. Anyone dressed as a Wookie gets in for free.