Geezer TARC

Official “Geezer TARC” Flights – Final Results

Position Contestant Model Name Altitude
1 Ross Iwamoto Samurai Surfer 715 38.68 15 14.72 29.72
2 Chris Flanigan Stargeezer 728 36.84 28 7.36 35.36
3 Shayne Stachwick 492 13.08 208 87.68 SEP

Altitude score = ABS (altitude – 700). Duration score = 4 * (duration – 35).

TARC season is approaching for high school students. But why should they have all the fun?

DART will be hosting a “Geezer TARC” contest – an opportunity for “geezers” (adults) to participate in a TARC-like activity. They may find that TARC is a lot harder than they think!

DART “Geezer TARC” will follow the 2024 TARC rules but with some changes so that the results cannot be directly used by TARC teams this year. Unique features of Geezer TARC are:

  • The rocket design does not have any requirements on body tube diameter. Kits as well as
    scratch-built models may be used.
  • The target altitude is 700 feet.
  • The target duration is 35 seconds.
  • Results will be based on a single official flight made at a DART launch no later than Saturday, November 11.
  • The flight score will be calculated as: ABS (700 – altitude) + 4 * ABS (35 – duration) where ABS is the absolute value function.
  • Any commercially available modern-generation altimeter for model rockets may be used (sorry, this does not include Estes altimeters). [Note: loaner altimeters will be available at DART launches.]

See the 2024 TARC rules document for details. To summarize major TARC requirements that also apply to Geezer TARC:

Rocket Properties

  • The rocket length must be no less than 650 millimeters (25.6 inches). The total assembled mass at liftoff must be no more than 650 grams.
  • The rocket must be launched using a rail. Launching from a launch rod is not allowed.
  • The maximum total impulse of the motor (or motors) is 80 Newton-seconds.
  • Motor(s) must use mechanical retainer(s). Friction fit of motors is not allowed.
  • The rocket must use one or more parachutes for recovery.
  • During recovery, the rocket must descend with all sections connected by a shock cord or equivalent. Separating into multiple pieces is a DQ.


  • The rocket must contain and completely enclose one raw hen’s egg.
  • After flight, the egg must not have any cracks or other external damage.
  • The rocket must contain and completely enclose an electronic altimeter.


  • Practice flights may be made at any time.
  • “Geezer TARC” results will be based on a single official flight. Prior to the flight, the contestant
    must declare an official flight attempt. A DART official must observe the flight and record

Contact Chris Flanigan ( with any questions.