Launch Events

Please register before the deadline, April 30. (Vendors do not need to register for launch. On site registration will be available except for the WSMR/Holloman AFB guided tour.)

Sierra Blanca Challenge (Cumulative Altitude)

Approximately 30 miles north-northeast of Alamogordo is Sierra Blanca peak (elev. 12,003′), the highest peak in southern New Mexico.

Using two or more flights, the contestant must try to have the sum of the altitudes of all flights come as close as possible to 12,003 feet without going over. The contestant must use the same rocket for all flights, but may use any motors suitable for use in that rocket. If the sum of the contestant’s flights exceeds 12,003 feet, the last flight will be dropped, and the previous sum will be the contestant’s final score. The contestant whose score that comes closest to 12,003 feet without going over is the winner.

Centennial Challenge

Originating sometime in the 90’s, the Centennial Challenge duration contest has become a tradition at major launches in Alamogordo. This event is open to rockets greater than 100 inches in total length and where the total impulse of the motor is to not exceed 100 newton-seconds. The rocket must be at least 100″ in height when leaving the launch rod, rail, or tower. Motors may be clustered or staged, but the total of all installed motors must not exceed 100 ns, and the recovered sustainer must be at least 100″ in length. Timing starts at lift-off and continues until the rocket lands or is no longer visible. The rocket must be flown and recovered in flyable condition. When flown, assigned timers will time the duration of the flight and annotate the time on the flight card under the supervision of the contest director or an assigned judge. When the rocket is recovered, the flyer will bring it back to the contest director or assigned judge to verify recovery. The longest flight durations will be posted on “under 18” and “18 and over” lists.

Mass-launch of V2’s

This is a tie-in with the history of V2 test flights at nearby White Sands Missile Range. Anybody with a flying model of the V2 may participate. The mass launch is scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon. More details to follow.

Model Upscale Contest

The goal of this contest is to build an upscale of a commercial model rocket kit in accordance with the rules of this contest. This contest is open to anyone but all contestants must present their rockets and documentation to the Contest Director by 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 27, 2017. All rockets will be judged and flown during National Sport Launch 2017. Here is a complete description of the contest.