Contest and Sport Launch Information:

Sport Launch Area:

  • The NAR will host a Sport Launch area for all non-NARAM 59 flights. The pads will be set up to the West of the Contest Range.
  • An FAA Waiver will be in place to fly up to 15,000 feet.  AGL.

Motor Vendors:

  • A number of motor vendors will be on site to take care of your motor needs. Please contact one of them to reserve motors in advance.

Sport Range:

  • The Sport Range will be managed by MMAR, the site hoist club. They will support a number of High Powers pads.
  • Flights up to complex M and simple N motors can be accommodated.
  • Pads will be available with all standard rod and rail sizes up to 1.5″ rail.

Tower Launches:

A 17 foot launch tower will be available at the 1,000 foot cell for larger launches.

If you need non-standard launch equipment for your project.  please contact the Sport range Manager, Rob Dickinson, at 616 350-2010, or We will do all we can to make sure you can launch your project!


High Power Bulletins:

  • If questioned, fliers must provided evidence that any high powered rocket that they present for flight will not exceed the 15,000 foot waiver ceiling limit in effect.
  • No one without a NARAM name badge is allowed past the spectator barrier.
  • No one under-age or not certified for the applicable motor impulse will be allowed past the safety check with a rocket containing a high power motor unless accompanied by an a appropriately certified sponsor.
  • All igniters for high power rockets will be installed only at the pad before flight, They must be brought to the safety check in desk separately from, but along with the rocket.
  • Sensitive igniters (such at “electric match” and” flash bulb” ) must be shorted out until hooked up to the range launch control system at the pad.
  • Altimeters with ejection charges are no to be powered up until the rocket is at the pad.
  • Continuity checks on igniters that are installed in high power motors  may only be made through the range control system, after the rocket is on the pad, pointed upward and ready to be flown.
  • All motors must be currently certified to be flown on the NARAM field.

Range Closing:

Check-In for each event will close 10 minutes prior to the end time for that event. The Pad assignment queue will close 5 minutes prior to the end time for that event. After the close of an event, all flights will be processed out of the assignment queue through a single launch attempt. Misfires on the pad after event close will not be granted additional launch attempts.


For events requiring a returned model, that return must be made within 120 minutes from the end (close) of that event. Late returns may be made at the field or at the Hotel. Late returns may also be called into the CD.

10.4 Return of Inaccessible Models:

Rule 10.4 applies to all events except Egg Lofting. No one will not enter any property with No Trespassing signs. Rule 10.4 may be called on models that fall in posted No Trespassing areas, or into the settlement pond to the south of the flying field.”