Sport Range contests

I Horizontal Super-roc  Horizontal Super Roc:


Horizontal Super-Roc comprises a single event open to any model rocket. The purpose of the this competition is to maximize the altitude and the diameter of the rocket. This contest is designed  to emphasize creativity in construction. The rocket must have a minimum diameter o 12″ , as measured from the centerline of the rocket to the CLOSEST gap not designed to allow launch rod/rail access ONLY. The rocket must be able to safely fly with a motor in the “I” class. Clusters are permitted as long as the total impulse of all motors combined falls within the I motor class.


A single deployment entry must use parachute recovery. A dual-deployment entry does not require a parachute at apogee, but it must use a parachute for the main deployment, with a minimum deployment altitude of 500 feet AGL.  With such high-drag rockets, it is possible a rocket may not reach the minimum altitude of 500 feet, and this fact alone will not disqualify the rocket, but all altimeters must be set to deploy the main at no less than 500 feet. Rockets that fail to deploy a parachute will not be considered a qualified flight.


High Powered Set Altitude: 420 meters

Rocket closest to the set altitude without going over wins! Just be sure to register with the LCO before launch to confirm the flight. electronic altimeters required.