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Competition Rocketry Plans

The NAR offers a downloadable collection of model rocket plans that is rooted in the legacy of over 40 years of National Association of Rocketry (NAR) competition. Feel free to download any of the plans and build these model rockets for yourself. The plans are organized into the following eight categories:

By learning how to build and fly these model rockets, your level of model rocketry expertise will increase. Flying these models at NAR meets will take you even further. Help is always available. The NAR provides its members with abundant resources to learn how to make your model rockets fly more reliably -- flying stronger and lighter, while achieving greater performance.

These plans are just that - plans. If you are not familiar with building a boost glider, for instance, you may have to do some research. Not all of the plans are straightforward, particularly the rocket glider and helicopter duration models. The designs are believed to be reliable, but the National Association of Rocketry assumes no liability for unsafe use. Anything you build must still be checked for stability in accordance with accepted practice, and please follow the NAR Safety Code at all times. Study the plans. Work out the steps involved in building your creation. Go for it!

NAR members who are already actively participating in NAR sanctioned competition will also find these plans to be a welcome new resource. Classic designs from the past are brought back into your hands where the original designers intended them to be. Maybe you will find a rocket that is just what you need for that next meet. Have fun!


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