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The National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet (NARAM) is the NAR's annual model rocketry championship. This is the big meet, where NAR members from around the world gather for a week-long rocketeers' reunion.

The first NARAM was held in 1959, just two years after the NAR was formed. It was, and still is, primarily a National Championship, where the best compete for top National standing. Winners earn recognition for their achievement, and trophies are awarded for the top places in each event, for the NARAM Champions, and for the overall National Champions.

NARAM-56 NARAM 56 will be held July 26 to August 1 2014 in Pueblo Colorado. Probably the most important reason people keep coming back to NARAM year after year is because it is a chance to get together with acquaintances and friends and have fun. There are numerous activities than run day and night. Anything from informal bull sessions back at the hotel, to more formal activities. Below is a list of just some of the activities that you can expect to find at NARAM.

Sport Flying

A sport range is maintained starting the weekend before the competition range opens on Monday. Some NAR members come to NARAM just to fly rockets for a whole week at the sport range. What a vacation opportunity! If a week-long FAA waiver is granted, NAR members can fly High Power Rockets (HPR) all week. Level 2 HPR certification exams are usually given on the first weekend of NARAM, and then aspirants have a whole week to prepare for and make their certification flights.

Radio-Controlled Rocket Glider Championship

R/C rocket glider enthusiasts face off for a friendly show down. Experienced volunteer instructors may also be on hand to teach you how to fly an R/C rocket glider.

Manufacturer's Forum

The manufacturers who support our hobby come to NARAM to talk about their latest products and answer your questions. This is a chance to see the latest gear and meet the manufacturers.

Reseach and Development Presentations

This is where NAR members present the results of their research and development efforts. Many of the latest trends and innovations of our hobby have made their debut at a NARAM R&D presentation.

Scale Rocketry Display

Probably the only place that one will ever see 100-200 scale model rockets in one room. These models represent the best efforts of modelers from all over the country.

B Division Travel Grants

B Division NAR members (ages 14-17) who have never been to a NARAM before can get a grant for up to $800 in travel expenses to attend and participate under a new program funded by a generous donation from long-time NAR member Bob Alway. Read the details and apply by June 13.

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