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Find a Local Club

Click here to go to a listing by state of NAR clubs.

What Is An NAR Section?

NAR chartered Sections are locally-organized rocket clubs. Each Section has two or more modelers, at least one of whom is an adult.

Sections hold and participate in sport launches, competitions, conventions, and other local, regional, and national rocketry activities. In addition, Sections can apply to host the NAR National Competition Meet (NARAM), Sport Launch (NSL), or Convention (NARCON) at their local site.

Section Flying from Launch Rack

What Are The Benefits of Chartering?

Sections are automatically covered by $2-million NAR liability insurance to cover the club and safeguard its assests and equipment. In addition, Sections can apply for insurance that covers the owners or operators of launch fields, meeting halls, and other activity locations. Unlike the NAR liability insurance offered to individual members, which insures only themselves, this optional insurance available only to Sections insures the property owner directly.

Kids holding big rockets The NAR provides Section officers with guidance on how to organize and run a Section. In addition, the NAR Sport Services Committee offers help and direction to assist new Section officers in filing for FAA waivers, BATF Low Explosives User Permits, and other regulatory hurdles.

Your Section can also compete for the coveted Rockwell Trophy, awarded annually for the most outstanding Section newsletter.

Who Can Join A Section?

Any NAR member is welcome to join an existing Section in his area. You can get information about the Section nearest to you from the Section List

What If There's No Section Near Me?

If there is no Section in your area, starting a new Section of your own is easy and rewarding!

We provide all the information you need to recruit modelers and charter your own NAR-sanctioned club. You can charter your new club so as to get right down to experiencing the fun and excitement of organized rocketry in your own area!


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