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Click here to go to a listing by state of NAR club-sponsored rocket launches.

Sport Launches

A date on the launch field Sport launching activity can be as casual as Dad, Mom, and the kids sending up a half-dozen B-powered models at the local school ballfield -- or as hectic and exciting as the NAR's annual National Sport Launch, where scores of modelers of all ages launch hundreds of models of all sizes and power ranges over the course of a three-day weekend!

With sport launches accounting for over twelve million rocket flights every year nationwide, the NAR offers a number of services for the sport modeler.

The kit reviews in Sport Rocketry magazine help modelers get the most for their hobby dollar. In addition, Sport Rocketry runs regular plans for new and unusual sport rocket designs -- payloaders, gliders, high-power rockets, and humorous birds -- that aren't available in any store!

Prepping a High-Power Model Technical reports from NARTS help you understand good design principles; give you construction tips from the masters and the manufacturers; teach you the basic theories of rocket propulsion and stability, aerodynamics, motor staging and clustering, and much more!

Of course, NAR liability insurance covers you up to $1-million for all your launching activities, as long as you honor the NAR Model Rocket, High Power Rocket, and Radio-Controlled Rocket Boosted Glider Safety Codes.

NAR Sections all over the country hold numerous sport launches each year, at which you are welcome to come fly. The Section takes care of providing the permits, field, launch equipment, and range organization and safety; just bring your rockets, motors, and flight supplies and join in the fun!

The NAR's annual National Sport Launch (NSL) is held in a different area of the country each year to make this offering more equally available to all NAR members. Some of our more recent NSL's have been held at superb launch fields in Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts, and Kansas.


A National Sport Launch Site


If you'd like to host an organized sport launch, the NAR's Sport Services Committee can help you find out how best to organize and conduct it -- what official approvals you may need to launch, who to contact, and how to promote your launch to rocket flyers in your area. They can also help make sure you or someone in your group is qualified to conduct inspections on all sizes and powers of rockets, and to maintain the proper range safety at your event.

You can start to take advantage of all these benefits as soon as you join the NAR!

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