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Join the NAR

The National Association of Rocketry has implemented a new system for joining and renewing online by credit card. Currently we can accept only Visa and Mastercard. We cannot take Discover, American Express, or debit cards. If you experience a problem of some kind and cannot join online, then you can simply download this membership application and fax or mail it in.

New Members

New members of the NAR can get regular membership benefits:

  1. 6 issues of the 56-page color Sport Rocketry magazine
  2. A 60-page how-to book on all aspects of rocketry, the NAR Member Guidebook
  3. $2 million rocket flight liability insurance
  4. Access to NAR technical reports, high-power certification, and clubs

Join the NAR today and join the fun!

Instructions for Renewing Members

Are you a current member that has an account in our system? - Then you can use the Login page. From here you can renew your membership after logging in, check on your HPR level, and update your address, phone number or email address.

Are you a current member but don't have a login? -If we have a current email address on file for you, you can create your login name and password and if your email is in our system, you will get a link via your email in response to this. Click on that link, and create your own personal login name and password. You can then renew your membership online.

Are you a current member but we don't have an email address for you? - If we don't have an email address for you, or it's outdated, please submit an update to your email address using that form. We will manually update it in the HQ database, then you will be able to get a login. In general please allow 2 working days from sending the update to allow NAR HQ time to enter it.

Former NAR Member? - If you are a former member who was not in a current, dues-paid status as of November 2009, proceed as if you were a new member above. You can help them out by reminding them what your NAR number is, if you can, in the former/Current NAR Number field. Welcome back!

Are you a current member renewing? - If you are a current member, and the above doesn't apply to you, you can renew without logging in.

Thanks for your interest in the National Association of Rocketry. You will get your NAR membership card and number in the mail within three weeks, but you are a member from midnight on the day that your application and credit card are accepted online. Until the NAR membership card arrives, you may record your NAR number as "pending" on any forms requiring that number. You can also log back into your account and see your NAR number 24 hours after you have joined via the web.

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