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RCP Ballot is available

The RCP process for changing rules in the NAR Sporting Code a.k.a. “The Pink Book” is defined in the sporting code under section “F” of the appendix. The process can be reviewed online at http://www.nar.org/pinkbook/ the cycle for proposed changes now runs on a one year cycle. A dedicated online RCP Forum for proposals to be reviewed commented on and finally voted on is now being used to and is available for all NAR members. You must sign up on the forum page to post comments and to vote on the proposals. The FAQ for logging into and using this forum is located here http://www.nar.org/pdf/RCP_FAQs.pdf

If you have forgotten your username and or password, send a request to pinkbook-rcpforum@nar.org Include your full Name and NAR number. Usernames can be retrieved; passwords cannot be retrieved just reset.

Fourteen proposals were received prior to the August 31, 2012 deadline. Each of those proposals is posted in the online forum for you to review. The comment period has now closed and the ballot is now available.

Take the time to read the proposals carefully. I also recommend that you discuss the proposals with fellow contest flyers for the pros and cons of the proposals. Some clubs even have discussion at business meetings to allow for opinions to be shared amongst members.

The ballot is now available in the same location as the comment forum. You have UNTIL midnight EDT June 28th, 2013 to place your ballot. When the proposals are voted on, they will require a 66% vote for the proposal to be passed and become a part of the pink book effective for the new contest year July1, 2013, but they will have no bearing on NARAM-55. I would like to remind everyone that the opportunity for you to submit a RCP is as simple as writing up your idea or submitting it online at the link you can find at: http://www.nar.org/competition/pinkbookrcpform.html

Jim Filler
Contest Board

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